Nov 29, 2014

Disney, PLEASE, let it go!!

Adele Dazeem has been quoted mentioning something about a sequel to Let It Go: The Extended music video with other songs you don't care about.

Really Disney? a Frozen sequel? Why? I know you tend to milk movies: Aladdin 2, Aladdin 3, Cinderella 2, Cinderella 3, Little Mermaid 2, Little Mermaid 3, Pocahontas 2, Hunchback of Notre Dame 2, Mulan 2, Jungle Book 2, Bambi 2, Tarzan 2, 101 Dalmatians 2, Beauty and the Beast 2, etc.

The Problem with Disney Sequels:

What is a crappy movie?

How can they make a sequel to a movie that is basically a very long misunderstanding with a bit of a misandrist plot twist in the end?

If tangled couldn't even achieve a full sequel (aside a 6:28 short) how can they expect to make a full sequel out of Frozen?

So far the only sequels that have been good have been from

(Except Cars sequels... Those have been Disney Sequel bad)

I think that an Incredibles 2 (that may or may not happen) would be a better sequel than Frozen 2...

Oh no... Frozen 2: Royal Engagement... Now I beg of you, Disney... Do as the song says and LET IT GO!!

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