Dec 1, 2014

Matty's 2014 CyberTurducken flash sales play by play!

Last year, Cyber Monday on Matty sucked ass! Geoblocking can be a bitch, but for this year, Matty gave us a somewhat pleasant Surprise. Free Shipping in orders over $99... I think it includes Grayskull, the Castle not the King.
The Pre Cyber Monday sale (Starting on Pre-Turkey Day Tuesday) yielded some good results for me. (Most of Club Filmation, except The Turd and Shokoti. Fang man and a 200X Griffin)

Now, I'm checking the Mattynets to see if there are some good items in the flash sales. (I guess we won't see Horde Troopers until 2016. Makes more sense for Mattel to sell them at full price than at a discount. I mean, Mattel wouldn't be THAT STUPID to sell Horde Troopers on Cyber Monday...)
Basically, once every hour Mattel will do this:

and you have to act quick or miss out on the figures shown!

Hour 1:
Jitsu, Castaspella and Sky High! Jitsu left in... Take it away, RD!

I KINDA want a Castaspella to repaint as Allepsatsac, but the shipping costs are a bit too high for a single figure. I guess folks who have the Battle Ram had a chance to get a cheaper Griffin Head Sky Sled to switch. (Sky High lasted roughly 10 minutes.) On a more positive note, I don't think I'm geoblocked since I was able to reach all the screens with a Castaspella dummy order. Last year I was unable to put any options on how to ship the order. The option remained blank and didn't allow me to complete the process. I've been hearing some chatter about people being blocked... that's why I made the dummy Casta order. BTW Free Shipping seems to be working... (Dummy order)

Hour 2:
Modulok (full price), Man-at-Arms, Mo-Larr vs Skeletor
Huh, so 2014 Figures ARE Making it... Modulok is tempting, but I can't seem to be able to pull the trigger. They still have Man-at-Arms figures? If they did, then why the heck they had to toss a Duncan with the Battle Ram?
Oh look they tossed the Arkham Knight Batmobile... at $68... Eh, I don't give a crap about that...
Mo-Larr vs Skeletor? Didn't that pegwarm at Big Lots! when Mattel tried to dump a bunch of them? They pegwarmed at $10... What makes Mattel think that it'll sell at $45.60 ($22.80 per figure...) when it had a hard time moving at $10 ($5 per figure)!?
Man-at-Arms sold out, which makes sense.(It only took like 45 minutes for it to show up as sold out on the main page.) Mo-Larr says he's on back order? He'll be back in 2012? The heck!? Modulok reached the Almost gone around 45 minutes after the sale.

Hour 3:
Yellow Evil Lyn at full Price!? Baby Skeleturd? Horde Troopers!? Really Matty? And they sold out before I could finish the stupid CAPTCHA. (No Troopers to turn into PRIME Troopers for me) Again, I stand by my comments of Horde Troopers being sold on Cyber Monday. they could have waited until 2015 to sell them at $56 than selling them under the 2013 price.  I mean, they RAISED Battle Ground Teela's pricetag... Does this make any sense, AJ?

I keep hearing from International Customers that they're having issues with Matty. This is starting to become a ball of suck... AGAIN!

Speaking of Balls of Suck Baby Skeleturd sold out in 5 minutes!

Bring on Hour 4!

Hour 4:
Mo-Larr was Pulled... Faker, Frosta and FILMATION HORDAK!? The last one at $24!? Wait... but what about the "No Discounts on 2014 stuff?" The blue men went fast, but Dirty Snow Reversed Forearms Chipmunk Elsa is still there.

Hour 5:
This is it, Last year Mattel gave up on hour 5... Let's see if they will surpass last year!
Mantenna, Standor, and Goatman.
Goatman is at full price, but on the main page it looks like it's free.

Cheap Standor... If one were inclined to get multiples and pay Customizers to make a couple of heads, like say: Lou Scheimer then you'd see the use of Extra Standors... EXCELSIOR!!

Mantenna left the building really fast, for obvious reasons.

Kinda wish they actually had Nepthu on sale...

Yeah! As much crap as I talk about him, getting him for a lower price would have been a bit more palatable to me... Remember, that's how I got SLL, Cy-Suck, Photog and a Second Spector. I mean, the sales have had some good items, but it's just that the good ones have gone in a flash and the rest have been OK-ish. Sadly most of the good stuff was put on Tuesday. Right now, nothing has made me pull the trigger... Except Horde Troopers and those vanished fast!

Hour 6:
Looks like that's it... Mattel lasted ONE HOUR LONGER than Last Year...

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