Dec 23, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Dairy Queen (not related to Oliver)

The one thing I miss from living in the States is Dairy Queen. Now I can Pretend I can go to Dairy Queen thanks to Jakks Pacific's MiWorld line. It's like an Action Figure Scaled Mall Set.

I didn't go and buy a Store right out of the bat, because that would've been weird. I got a Dairy Queen Refill Pack... Think of it like a $3 "Weapon Pak" but for a Doll Line about a Mall.
You get 6 items, well 7 if we count the Sticker sheet in this case. I wanted the Mrs. Fields cookie pack, but they were unavailable. The store where I got this had plenty of Claire's Accessories, but I'm in this for the food items.

This is going to be a bit awkward since the figures I'm going to use are completely alien to the concept of a Dairy Queen.

Now, while I'll be using MOTUC figures, mostly because I have those available and because they're the largest figures I have that are around the 1:12 scale. Not true 1:12, but close enough.
As you can see, they can barely hold some of these. So far only NA He-Man can hold on to the Ice Cream Cone. Trap Jaw can barely hold the Arctic Crush. He does but It warps his left hand and I wouldn't  dare to try the Orange Julius smoothie... Speaking of which, will we see a Sbarro? Mmmmm! Average mildly overpriced Pizza Slices that used to be bigger and tastier 20 years ago...

 I think I'll be on the hunt for other DQ sets, Mrs. Fields and the cupcake ones.

Now, don't get me wrong. The MiWorld is a cool idea. Sadly, I've not seen the dolls. Only the playsets and the expansion packs. Most of the Girl Toylines are NOT in MiWorld Scale (seems to be a true 1:12) The ones who could take advantage of this line are not girls, but Marvel, DC and Wrestling toy collectors. The Playsets are roughly in that scale and the props would help those diorama displays. Like say, Spidey stopping a hold-up at a Dairy Queen, or Flash having a quick bite to eat at Mrs. Fields before stopping Captain Cold.

Do I recommend these? Yes and No. They help to bring life to some displays, but at the same time most Action Figures are unable to hold them.

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