Dec 21, 2014

odds and ends December 21st 2014

Winter is here and George R.R. Martin has not finished the sixth book of A Song of Ice and Fire. then again what else is new?

 North Korea used hackers to attack Sony and the prohibited the release of the movie The Interview. Using threat of bombs they also "Forced" from playing Team America: World Police as an American Retaliation because it mocks the Korean dictators late father Kim Jong Il. 
I have to say, I understand why they accepted the demands from these terrorists, but at the same time North Korea is not in a place to follow through with these threats (and  I disagree with pulling the movie). In a way Sony and Paramount are trying to protect people's lives,but on the other hand they're making America look weak. Decisions decisions.

I'm kind of disappointed because thanks to the North Korean hackers threats I kinda wanted to see The Tnterview. We will never know now if the movie was good or bad because the supreme NORTH Korean ruler doesn't have a sense of humor and can't accept that he's being mocked. Hell, even Osama bin Laden wasn't crying like a little bitch when they made fun of him countless times after 9/11 and that was a guy who could follow through with his threats.
Hell, Even Obama agrees that the movie should not have been pulled.

In Toy News: The Night Lick has landed... On Jakks Pacific... The guys that HAD WWE and lost it to Mattel. The guys that HAD TNA, but no longer do... Is TNA even alive?
What does Jakks have?
Ridiculously Oversized Star Wars toys that are more like novelties than actual toys. Ridiculously Oversized DC figures. Ridiculously oversized Power Rangers figures.
Big Ass Godzilla, some Motocross line... Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, um some Black and Decker stuff... yes as in the tools. (TG haters are likely to Insert Neitlich is a tool joke here.)
Smurfs and El Chavo (The animated series that is basically rehashing the 1970s skits from Chespirito)

So, can you see where I'm going with this. Aside some Big Ass toys that pegwarm at stores. Jakks Pacific has very little in the Toys for Boys Department. OK, so they have SOME Nintendo Figures, but the closest one to a kickass figure has some huge paint issues.

Basically, Neitlich will have to figure out what to do to help Jakks out of obscurity. I honestly hope that he's learned from his Mistakes at Mattel and that he does a decent job... Then again, he'll have to help in making deals to bring new licenses to Jakks, because the current licenses are a bit lacking.

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