Dec 18, 2014

It Came from the Secret Santa Stocking Pt. 1

Since it's the season of the Holidays (Winter Solstice, Yule, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Hearthswarming Eve, Royal Twins Birthday) that means that it's Secret Santa time. I got some stuff from my Secret Santa at my Mortal Job and Here's a quick overview... (The House of Rants Secret Santa Item will be reviewed soon)

So, My Secret Santa had a horrible experience attempting an order from the House of Rants favorite Online Toy Store that shall remain nameless. Not going to say that the name kinda sounds like Patty Molester. Withplan A gone down the drain, Plan B was activated. Translation: Secret Santa had to send a friend to ask me for a Plan B thing.
My answer: My Little Pony stuff... No Equestria Girls. I want ponies not underage human/pony hybrids.
Secret Santa's friend reply: Oh, you're a brownie?
Me: Just tell my Secret Santa to give me ponies.

So, My Secret Santa got me a box... Inside the box there were:
2 Blind Bag Ponies
1 polybagged Playful Scale Pony
1 Rainbow Fluttershy stuffed Pony.

(BTW, I think my Secret Santa went to Wal*Mart to get my ponies. That's the only place I've seen polybagged ponies.) Funny thing is that my Secret Santa WAS a Pegasister, so she KNEW what to get me!

The Blindbags were from the Sunset Shimmer wave... ELEMENT OF LUCHA!! (aka Supreme Mega-Bitch wave)
I got...

Weird Al Yanpony

Yes, Sunset Shimmer and Grilled Cheese have joined the Blindbag ranks. This wave also has breezies...ew!

The Polybagged pony is none other than CHEERILEE! The Pony that has been a thorn on my side for years is now within my grasp!

Rainbow Fluttershy is the only dud in the set, but in a positive note, I now have in some form, the Mane 6 in Stuffed toy form... and Derpy!

I will not do an It Came from the Toy Chest because I don't rate sutffed toys nor Blindbag toys and Cheerilee would score a lot lower for being a Polybagged pony with no accessories.

Part Two is coming and is a bit more painful, hence the splitting in two.

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