Dec 7, 2014

Strange is Smaug and Van Wilder will be DP again!

I blew my info in the headline... Premature Ranticulation.
Deadline Article regarding Deadpool. Huh huh... Deadline reporting about Deadpool... I chuckled at it literally. Yes, I mean Literally in the Literal sense of the word... not using Literally as an exaggeration that is not literally true. Oh great! Now I'm rambling about the word Literally instead of talking about Deadpool. Then again, people would have found all of this funny if I had it trapped inside yellow boxes.

I am excited about Reynolds being Deadpool. That's the Comic Character he was born to play. Also, let's face it. His Green Pedo was pretty much Ryan Reynolds making a Hal Jordan impression. With Deadpool he can get away with him being Ryan Reynolds making a Deadpool impression, because the comic book fans will see it as Deadpool making a Ryan Reynolds impression of Ryan Reynolds making a Deadpool Impression.

Did it work? Awww! The Yellow boxes only work with Deadpool... Would it be OK if I use a Mighty Spector Figure as a Deadpool substitute? No?

He's a great Actor. I'm not much of a BC fan, to be honest. I am now hoping that the script is good and that the costume is amazing... To be truly convinced, I need to hear Cumberbatch say any of the following:

-"By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!"
-"Eye of Agamotto!"
-"Crimson bands of Cyttorak!"
But he needs to say any of those in the hammiest way possible so I can buy the whole Cumberbatch being Strange.

My guess is that the movie will deal with Mordo and hint the Dread Doormuumuu. No signs of my favorite Hyborean era Demon that is very popular in Japanese Adult Entertainment industry.

Seriously, Marvel is doing DOCTOR STRANGE while DC is having issues with non-Batman and non-Superman movies.

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