Dec 9, 2014

Dylamug: The Rant

Ah, PoP's MODOK knock-off, Dylamug. There was a concept for a Chacracter whose face could change and kinda looked like Arnim Zola. Seems like Filmation refined the idea and the Final look is more reminiscent of MODOK...
 The question is: DO WE NEED a Dylamug in MOTU Classics?

He had three Appearances in She-Ra: Princess of Power.

He looks freakish, which is a good thing when speaking about the Evil Horde.

The idea of a cold, calculating Machine acting as a Horde Officer seems like a cool idea. The Rotating Face Plates seems like an interesting Action Feature and would help to make some dynamic displays.

There's a few things that would hurt his chances:

100% New Tooling for a Large Scale item... (Guessing people would rather have Mantisaur than Dylamug.)

The design would be too top heavy for the thin legs that he has. (add the thin arms to the equation and you could possibly have a risky shelf diver.)

So, I'm torn on the issue. I want him, but I don't NEED Him. He'd be a cool addition, but I'd rather have 4 new characters that require 25%  new Tooling than one 100% Newly tooled figure. (I know it doesn't work that way, but you get the idea.) I'm sure that the Horsemen would kick so much ass with him, but at the same time, He'll end up so overpriced because of his 100% new tool that cannot be reused at all.

In some ways he's better than say, um Vultak, but in others, Vultak is better. (For Mattel, Vultak is better because he is cheaper to make. They have everything tooled except the head and Armor.)
IF there is life after 2015 for 7" MOTU toys, then Dylamug should be done. Personally, I'd rather have a few Hordesfolk before him. (200X Troopers, Shadow Wraiths, Sunder, Lohni, Despara)

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