Dec 14, 2014

It Came From the Toy Chest: I shall Dub thee Peter!

Get it? Peter? The Only 200X Item from my Turducken Haul was the Griffin! AKA Beastman's answer to Bow's Arrow. The second Evil Steed in MOTUC is now in my hands. Let's crack him open and see what he's got!

200X Griffin. See how small Beastman looks on it.

Classics shrunk down the Griffin
The Griffins were seen on the 200X Cartoon made by Mike Young Productions and were basically the Evil Warriors Generic Steed. Beastman had many Griffins and these beasts carried the Evil Warriors to Battle. The size was reduced due to Classicizing BS (Translation: We need to reuse as many parts as possible) They got a new Saddle, because MOTU...

If you have a Battle Cat, a Panthor or a Battle Lion, you know what to expect here in the Articulation Department. All you need to do is look at any of those and then imagine Swift Wind's wings on them. Here he would have gotten a 4.5 if it wasn't for the Teensy Weensy issue of his Front Right Leg falling off Randomly. It simply pops off whenever I want to pose it. I SHOULD send it back to Digital River, but I've seen that issue happening with MOTUC cats at random and I don't want to risk it. Especially since it has a flawless paintjob.

Paint and Sculpt:
a simple Color swap shows the potential
for Clawdeen!
Peter is Amazeballs!
The Sculpt is mostly familiar. Seen with the past and future cats. the Head and tail are obviously new. So are the rear feet. The Neck and Upper Torso are new, but based on the Cat Buck. The New Saddle is Fantastic. It could work as a saddle for Clawdeen on a Battle Lion Body as well as it could work for Illumina's steed (easily made out of Panthor + Griffin Saddle) The paint on mine is Flawless.

Saddle... Not much to say here to be honest. Steeds rarely get any stuff to bring to the game aside their saddles. 2.5

The Griffin gets his Final Score of 3.5 because of the Leg popping off. If it didn't pop off then he would have gotten a higher score. He IS a nice addition and I kinda wish I had the funds and most importantly the SPACE for multiple Griffins.

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