Dec 27, 2014

It came from the Toy Chest: Can't say her name right, eh Neitlich?

Jokes aside, Scott Neitlich DID have a few issues typing Shokoti's name. Not sure if it was a reference to Ram Man being unable to say her name or if it was one of Neitlich's famous typos. (I'm inclined to believe it's the latter) Well, she is one of the two missing Club Filmation figures... Well, Missing on my shelf I mean. And we all know that I am very unlikely to buy the remaining figure.

So, Shokoti... Where can I begin to describe who she is. She's the villain of the Two part Episode: House of Shokoti, but only makes an appearance on Part 2. Part 1 is Lord Masque's Episode.
She's an Evil Dark Witch who happens to be Blue Skinned.

Of course, Mattel's Bio Team  (Scott Neitlich and some unknown employees) made her a Gar, because of her Blue Skin. At least they didn't turn her into Keldor's mom.

So, without further ado, here's the Shokoti review.

She has the standard Female Articulation, but since she reuses the Adora Boots, she has the additional boot cut.
Paint and Sculpt:
She could have benefited from the Spell Casting hand/Claw hand... for obvious reasons. She sadly, has the Octavia left hand. Same issue that Entrapta and Octavia have is shared by Shokoti. I have ONE Tiny nitpick on her face sculpt. No fangs.
The paint is a bit sloppy on my figure's cape and on her Skull belt buckle. It's minor, but I have to point it out, because it can't be photographed well.
She only has ONE: a Darkling... With no Stand to put it on. This was a major design blunder done by Mattel... Since we're talking about bumbling toy designers, we should totally blame Ruben Martinez for this. I think there should have been two Darklings.

While the Darkling is cool, In the Accessory Department, Shokoti is lacking. Not even a Crystal Skull. OK it wasn't exactly a Crystal skull. it was more like a Skull shaped TV for her.
Spellhand would have made a mirrored version of this possible.

She gets a 2.5 in accessories.

Shokoti gets a 3.83 as her final score. She would have benefited a bit more if she had gotten something else as an accessory. Heck! Even reusing the Evil Lyn Knife would have helped her a little bit. Ceremonial Knife, sacrifice to the Sleeping Beast... you can see where I'm going with this, right?

Now... Here's the thing: Chances that we get a TRUE Toy Accurate She-Ra are slim to none.
BUT thanks to Shokoti now we KINDA HAVE Most of the Parts needed to make her.
-She-Ra's head (1.0 Toy Head or BP She-Ra's head. If you use the BP She-Ra head, you'll need new Reflective Stickers.)
 -NA She-Ra's Bodice, repainted to Gold and White as seen on the Vintage Toy.
-Shokoti's Cape with the epaulets painted white.
-BP She-Ra's Skirt and body.
 -Evilmike's Sword of Defense Yes it's a Shapeways 3D Printed Item., but it's closer to the Vintage Toy look than the Filmation Sword without the Prongs. (Won't ask you to break a golden sword of protection unless you have a spare one!)
I know it's the wrong head, but That's the
only NON NA She-Ra head I had at the moment/ 

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