Dec 4, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: He can reach the center of a tootsie pop with just one lick

Not talking about Lickitung here. since I said he, it's not Miley... Since it's an It Came From The Toy Chest and I'm a MOTU fan, we can deduce that this review is for Tunglashor...

The Snakeman with the Tongue is finally here... Though he kinda looks a bit like a poison dart frog.
So, who is he? I said he's a snakeman, so he serves King Hssss. In Filmation he served the Horde, hence the Horde Armband on the figure... and now we can say that his Dragonfly Crossbow is his Horde Weapon... I hate that all the snakemen come with the Snake Staff... The Snake Staff should be Exclusive to King Hssss. You don't see all the evil warriors running about with havoc staves, staffs or whatever the plural of staff is.

One funny Personal Story about Tung Lashor and me is that he is the FINAL MOTUV Figure I owned as a Child. As of Today, I have not only completed My MOTUV Collection of Figures that I had as a child, but I surpassed it. Right now, the only thing that would surpass this is getting a MOTUC Castle Grayskull... But seeing Digital River's incompetence, seems like Me Getting A Castle Grayskull from Matty is highly unlikely.

He has Most of the Standard MOTUC Articulation, sans Boot Cut and Ankle Rockers... So he's just like the girls, but with an ab crunch and visible nipples... Which again, WTF? Why does a non-mammalian creature have nipples. (This applies to Merman as well)
Paint and Sculpt: 
My Tunglashor is a bit sloppy on the paints. On Facebook, someone brought something to my attention... Turn Tunglashor upside down... WP, WP, Fwd, WK, HP
The Sculpt, well... I'm surprised at the number of new parts on Tung.

He has a second head with the Tongue out! He has the Vintage Crossbow (which fits with the whole Horde Allegiance) a Horde Armband that I quickly Discarded... Most likely going to join Cy Chop's arm. Last but not least the Snake Staff. I mentioned above that I won't be displaying him with the Snake staff...

Tung Lashor gets a 4.0 as his score. The reason for that is that Mattel didn't add rocking ankles which reduced SOME of his poseability. The sloppy paint on mine also hurt his score a little. The Accessories were the Saving grace for him.

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