Dec 4, 2014

It Came from the toy chest: The rider of this horse is not gay... guys, stop laughing!

This is more of a Controversial choice than New Adventures She-Ra... I'm talking about Arrow: The Horse of the Straightest man in the universe who is totally not gay. Really he is straight!

I've complained about Arrow's inclusion to the line. Now, I'll review him!

Like Swift wind before him, Arrow was a different color in the vintage line... He was blue, hence the TRUE BLUE tagline on him. Filmation changed the coloring and look... They also made Arrow an Earth Pony instead of the Pegasus that he used to be.

Same as Swift Wind. You can check out the Swifty review for the details in Articulation...

Paint and Sculpt:
My arrow had a bit of slop on his hind hoof. He also got some paint rub from the Saddlebags. (BTW, they are a bitch to remove from the horse. (That's why I'm not attaching the wings for the review.)
The sculpt on the other hand has a lot of new pieces. Head neck, saddle, bridle, Saddlebags are new.
This makes him pop a bit more than a Swift Wind repaint. The problem is that the stirrups don't work properly and are a pain in the ass to put Bow's feet on them.

Saddle, Saddlebags, wings. they might not be too many, but they help make him look different enough from Swift Wind. The bags are amazing but he could have used something more...

Arrow gets a 3.33 as his score, which is surprising. I mean, he's the least exciting item from November. The paint slop and underwhelming accessories... I mean, WHY the wings if he's nothing like his vintage look. Filmation Arrow with wings looks plain wrong!

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