Dec 3, 2014

Suicide Squad movie: I smell another Wild Wild West...

Not saying that the movie will be as bad as Wild Wild West. Just pointing out that Will Smith is playing a character who has been made black, because "false diversity" and to appeal to Social Justice Warriors. Funny thing is that they are OK with making white characters black, but if a black guy is made white... It's racism. Me? I believe that if a character has been depicted as a (insert race here) person in the source material, then the actor chosen to play that character should at least resemble the character from the source Material and that includes the color of his/her skin... disliked the whitewashing in The Last Airbender, Dragon Ball De-Evolution just as much as I disliked a black Perry in MoS and I LOATHE the idea of a black Human Torch.

Now the other thing is that Will Smith brings a lot of controversy. He's not a bad actor, but ever since he didn't join Scientology, he's been surrounded by weird issues. Especially involving his children.
(Willow and Moises Arias in bed, Jaden partying with Bieber and the Jenner Girls, the weird interview by Jaden and Willow...) Kifflom, Will... Kifflom!
The idea of casting Will Smith as Deadshot is a bad idea. I'd normally post the Rarity clip, but I've overplayed it. I truly believe that of all the worst things that could happen this is THE.WORST.POSSIBLE.THING!
The Rest of the cast seems OK...

Rick Flag will be played by... I'll just post the clip.

We get Harley Quinn played by the hot chick from The Wolf of Wall Street... Margot Robbie... and I know nothing about her... Only that she is blonde and would look sexy in a Harley outfit.  Wow! The movie Universe has a Harley with Bigger boobs than Wonder Woman... Anything I say about Harley ends up being sexist... I'll say nothing then. Mmmm! Tara Strong's voice!
If we have Harley, we need a Mister J... The J stands for Jared Leto... Not too sure how I should feel about this. Will he be Affleck's Joker too?

Then we have Cara Delevingne as the Enchantress (not to be confused with a character from Marvel with the same name that has the Hots for Thor.) I don't know how to feel about this. All I know of Ms. Delevingne is that she was a DJ in GTA V.

Last but not least we have John McClane's son playing Captain Boomerang.

The cast seems mostly solid. I'm not that sold on the actresses chosen and I'm worried that Leto pulls an amazing performance and then DC switches his Joker for another actor to tackle Batffleck. The one casting MISTAKE with Capital MISTAKE is Will Smith as Deadshot.

Now to keep the Mattelcember theme: Will Mattel make toys out of this?

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