Dec 28, 2014

The Impossible Mini-Sub: a 1987 Movie Sub

I've done some theoretical mini sub ideas before, but now... I'm doing the most impossible one yet.
1987 Movie sub. Yes, I'm aware this has NO CHANCE IN HELL of making it. I just want to see who would fill the 7 slots needed for a MOTU 1987 Movie Sub.

Technically we already have Gwildor, Blade and Saurod in the Normal MOTUC Line.
I'll get this out of the way: No Julie, Kevin or Detective Lubic on this list... As much as I want a MOTUC James Tolkan, He won't be on this list.

Inspired by Club Etheria Sub, we get 1 Sub Exclusive, 5 normal Figures, 1 Large Item.
Now, these Figures should follow the MOTUC style. MOTUC Bucks and shared parts where needed.

Standard Figures:

Starting out with the BIG GUN. The missing NEW Character that people have been wanting since the 80s to complete Skeletor's Movie Crew...

Mattel/the FourHorsemen COULD get away with some reuse like the Beastman arms and Torso.

Evil Lyn:
It gives us an Evil Lyn that doesn't share a dress with Teela. (I think the BGEL Bracers and the Catra Boots could be reused on her) The most important part is that She completes Skeletor's minions in their movie looks.

The First Heroic Warrior to get the "Movie Treatment" She's here for two reasons. People kinda need a non-Metal Bra/Furry underpants Teela and she was in the movie. (duh!)

This is the Figure that Mattel would go very cheap on. (I half expect a movie colors repaint of MAA with Hordak's left forearm.)

Sub Exclusive:

God Skeletor:
IF there was ONE Movie Figure that deserves the SUB Exclusive slot is God Skeletor. This figure and Karg are the ones who would sell the sub.

Large Item:

He-Man vs Skeletor:
Like I was going to make a 1987 MOTU MOVIE Theoretical Sub and skip on the Main Guy... Tossing him with the Normal Skeletor, because the main two deserve a box Together.

I know that the Skeletor Shock Troopers did not make the list. If this was a Full year Sub, then I could have had He-Man and Skeletor as normal items (them being figures 6 and 7. Sorceress would have been figure 8,  Figures 9, 10 and 11 would have been Lubic, Julie and Kevin) Figure 12 would have been Pig Boy. Then Two Large Scale slots would have been given to Skeletor's Troopers. (One slot for ground troopers and the other for Air Troopers) Then the remaining 2 Variant slots would have been Lubic, Eternian version, and Pimp Gwildor. (because double dipping on that Gwildor tool)

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