Dec 26, 2014

Odds and ends: Post-Christmas 2014 Edition!

The Doctor Who Christmas Special was a rather interesting thing: Facehugger-like Crabs, Santa Claus tag teaming with The Doctor, the final Appearance of Clara Oswald. Retconned. and last but not least a Shout out to My Little Pony

I have to admit, this was a nice shout out, especially since the MLP:FIM team in both the comics and the cartoon have dropped references to Doctor Who. (Doctor Hooves).

the Christmas Special was pretty cool, especially the part about Clara's exit as a companion... that was rewritten since Jenna Coleman decided to stay a bit longer.

CM Punk might be a bit of a coward and a liar... If we are to believe Dr. Tommy Oliver Ph.D. and MMPR. Punk allegedly said that he had never heard of this until recently. I have to say that this is highly unlikely since EVEN I was aware of this Challenge since last February. Remember that *I* am not a huge follower of MMA and I became a casual viewer of the WWE since they went PG. How is it possible that I was aware of this and not CM Punk?

This stuff has been on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and Punk has never heard of it?

This smells like the pile Jeff Goldblum points out in Jurassic Park.

Stupid ass hackers ruined Christmas! They hacked XBox Live and PSN for teh lulz and ruined Christmas to thousands of people who got videogame consoles as a present from good ol' Saint Nick!
XBL is back up, but PSN is not so lucky... Not cool...

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