Dec 5, 2014

Girl Meets Shawn and other GMW news

The Topangaborn meets her Father's Maya...
OK, the beginning of the episode bugged me a bit with the whole "in-laws are coming" thing. Alan and Amy have known Topanga for years. They have been Married since 1999... At least the whole Cory and Shawn Bromance is still alive... And Maya makes a Cory hearts Shawn comment. See even the writers know that Topanga is just Cory's beard.
How dares Mini-Girl-Shawn deny the existence of CORY's LOVER!!
OK, the Cory ♥ Shawn joke is getting tiresome and we're barely under 2 minutes in.
Holy crap! Betsy Randle hasn't aged one bit! Dayum! William Russ has gotten old!
It's Christmas, dammit!! They used to say Christmas!! Hell one episode was called A very Topanga Christmas! Damn the PC! Huh... Uncle Joshua... Kinda reminds me of Eric... a low budget Eric... ERIC COME BACK!!! I NEED THE FEENY CALL!! Huh, so Maya has the hots for Josh...
SHAWNIE!!what? I channeled my Inner Cory.
Shawn is back! Topanga acknowledged Shawn as the Other wife... How did this get past the Mouse Censors?
Even Shawn is behaving like most BMW fans watching GMW, ignore Riley, focus on Cory.
Any more subtlety about Shawn = Maya and we'd have a Hideo Kojima TV show.
"This is real life, not a TV show..." Clever move, writers.
Nice moment there with Maya and Shawn...
Huh, Josh is a bit of a dick... so he is channeling a little later seasons Morgan too?
Holy crap! Cory and Shawn sleeping together!!
Nice Amy and Topanga scene there.
Shawn takes Girl Cory out... (I think he mistook the Cory he should have taken out) there Shawn proves to Maya that he TRULY knows Riley. Now Riley hits Shawn hard with a dose of Truth!
Farkle scene was Priceless! The ending was a bit touching with feelings and stuff. (I'm not going to spoil it all!)

Now here's the thing:
It's a good episode, but it was a bit TOO much with the BMW fan-service and felt a bit rushed. With that said, not acknowledging the existence of Aunt Morgan and Uncle Eric was a bit disappointing. I liked the Joshua/Auggie dynamic, but forcing Maya's crush on Joshua felt off. Cory not asking his parents about Mr. Feeny felt a bit off. I mean, Alan and Amy are Feeny's neighbors, for crying out loud. Feeny was like the THIRD Parent to Cory. I know that the story is supposed to be Riley-Centric, but a couple of Throwaway lines about Morgan, Eric and Mr. Feeny would have been nice.
The whole Minkus discussion between C&S was genius! Of course it did open up a new possibility that explains Farkle.

The reason for Shawn leaving Cory and Topanga made sense.
To be honest, they could have made it a 1 hour special just to have more scenes with the rest of the Family. That way, the episode wouldn't have felt so rushed.

In other GMW news... Season 2 has some great things coming.
Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels. That is all.

OK, I lied. That is not all... Apparently, Feeny may not be a Force Ghost because Cory (and Shawn) return to Philly to get something from Feeny's house.

The news also says something about someone else from BMW making an Appearance... (I'm still hoping is Morgan, played by both Lily Nicksay and Lindsay Ridgeway, with one Morgan being in the first half, then the second one on the uh, final half? Aside the Matthews Family, there's no reason for other BMW characters to show up. (Specifically talking about Rachel, Jack or Angela. I could MAYBE accept Mr. Turner, but that is pushing it since Jonathan had a better relationship with Shawn than Cory.)

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