Nov 26, 2014

Jurassic World: The Trailer: the rant

Trailer is finally here!! Now I can bitch and moan about the whole thing until the Movie comes out...

So, to paraphrase JDF: It's Rantin' time!

Holy crap! The amount of wrong in the trailer... by wrong I mean thinking as someone who "lived through" the Isla Nublar Incident, the Isla Sorna Incidents AND the San Diego Incident, I see a lot of things on the new park that are "WRONG!" Kayaking down a river where Dinos roam is very dangerous, even if there's only Herbivores going around. then there's the effin' Hamster ball... What's stopping a T-Rex from going Beckham with those?

Holy Shoot! Using a Shark to summon the Dinosaur version of Keiko? This has BAD NEWS written all around. Hell! Even Starlord Agrees with me! Even the Trailer agrees with me!

Now as someone who doesn't live in the JP Universe, I have to say: They should have skipped the Teaser and gone straight to the Trailer.


  1. Are you kidding me??? This is AWESOME. It's doing everything I was hoping. They got my money. Period. Its locked in. Im subbed in for 2015 Club DinoVore!

  2. You missed the point. The "Wrong" things done in the trailer are being analized through the point of view of someone within the JP universe. The Modern park shows that the people in charge have the same arrogance and lack of understanding that ruined Hammond and InGen when trying the Park for the first time. (Making it even worse by creating the SUPER DINO.)

    Now, as a movie viewer all these "WRONG THINGS" will deliver an awesome movie. WE (the audience) want the park to fail. WE want to see Dinos chasing people. *I* want to see the destruction of the Hamster Ball.