Nov 6, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Jon Snow will have to fight now!

I call him an Other or The Other as a nod
to the books. I need to be a it of a book snob
every now and then!
Damn you, Ned Stark! You're being too damned elusive. Neither TRU, nor Wal(Squiggly!)Mart had any GoT collectibles. So, went to Walgreen's. I made the following statement before entering:
"With my luck, All I'll see is Daenerys, a Tyrion and a few Bitchface Snows."
Well, There were 4 Daenerys, 2 (Hand of the King) Tyrions, 3 Bitchfaces, and a single Other. I was going to leave empty-handed, when I saw that they had 25% off. So, I said to myself:
"Self. The Other is cheaper right now. If you skip him now, you may never see him again. Get the Other... You won't have another chance at him like this!"
I caved in and got it. Now all I need is a Ned Stark so Winter can come. So, the Others in a nutshell... ICY ZOMBIES.

Now that I think, I've used all variations of the GoT Theme, let's review this Other!

I'm not goofing around with the figure on this pic, honest.
Theoretically speaking, the Others have the same Articulation as other characters, like say, Jon Snow. In execution they do... except when you have figures of The Others (like mine) that have Frozen Joints (pun not intended). The thigh swivels on mine are stuck and I won't try to get them unstuck, because Funko GoT figures are very fragile.

Paint and Sculpt:
The sculpt on this figure is 100% new. Of course, it's Funko's first wave, so they lack a parts catalog. Even if they had one, the figures have gotten brand new sculpts and even variants get different pieces (as seen with Tyrion Lannister)
Paintwise, this has been so far the one with either the best paintjob or the worst. The figure is mostly a dark gray with a lighter gray drybrush on his skin to add to the icy zombie look. The leather parts of his clothing have some drybrushing in a lighter shade to show wear and tear. It's done very unevenly, so it may look horrible to some people. For me it sells the Zombie look.
I do have ONE nitpick with the sculpt, which I'll elaborate on the Accessories section.

 Like past Game of Thrones Figures, the Others only come with a single Accessory: An Ice tipped Spear. Sadly, it's IMPOSSIBLE to display the figure with the Spear correctly.

wrong end dude!
 The Right Hand CANNOT Open up to put in the Spear properly. I can only balance the end of it on the hand. Now the Left Hand is even worse, since it can't hold ANYTHING. The gap is big enough to pass a small bit of the Ice tip on the Spear.

it's a shame since that Spear is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!! It's so awesome that it almost tempts me to get a second Other, steal the spear and paint the tip in stone colors to give it to MOTUC's Oo-Larr in 2015.
With that said, It kinda needed a Second accessory, since this is the Theoretical "Army Builder" on the GoT Universe. Aslo a second head to make the army look a bit different... I know I'm using MOTUC Mentality, but it's kinda hard to make an army when all the Zombies look exactly like the same guy!

The Other gets a 3.17 as its score. It's OK-ish, but this figure would have rated higher if he had not had frozen joints, hands that could hold his accessory, perhaps ONE Extra Icy weapon. SOMETHING to push him from the OK-ish to GOOD status.

I need to get Ned Stark before Winter comes!!

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