Nov 3, 2014

Odds and ends November 3 2014

The Kaplan Bros. have made another Musical Masterpiece, huh! O hai! The Room Musical! Anyway, no i'm not going to do the How's your sex life quote.
This was a nice way to return to reality after the shocking Doctor Who from Saturday...

Holy Time Lord! That Tweest was surprising, but then it became incredibly obvious and I felt so stupid for not realizing it. I even thought that there would be Daleks thanks to that Dr. Skaro-sa. (Since Skaro is the name of the Dalek Homeworld and all that...) I'm not going to reveal the Identity of the Big Bad, for the sake of those who have not seen the episode. All I can say is that I did not expect that at the time.

F You Joe Quesada and Marvel! This Teaser has many of the Spider-man fans who quit Marvel due to Joey Q's Douche Mandates in anticipation. Here's the thing: I don't trust this too much. It could be a non-canonical mini series, or Disney is trying to reverse a Joey Q Douche Mandate. Seriously, Disney allowing the Flagship character of a franchise they own making a deal with the Devil and walking away scot-free seems highly unlikely. In any case, I'll wait and see...

Remember all the hulaballoo about the Breaking Bad toys? Well ANOTHER group of "angry Moms" have started another crusade. This time against the MEGA BLOKS HALO and Call of Duty sets. They are SLIGHTLY more sensible than the Dumb Florida Moron, because they want to move these sets to the "Adult Collector aisle" and away from the LEGO Duplo building blocks for Toddlers.

I'm torn on the issue: I'm against COMPLETE REMOVAL of those sets (even though I LOATHE HALO and DESPISE Call of Doody), but I'm not against moving those sets from the Small kids section. The problem I have is that putting them on the Adult Collector Aisle may entice younger Children to go there. Then Again:

and we came out alright... some of us still haven't gotten out of the toy buying business because #AdultsCollect Wait! I'm using a Hashtag correctly!? What's next A Duckface Selfie!?

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