Nov 14, 2014

Man, I LOATHE Laurel... but I know she's here to stay.

Especially since I have some basic knowledge on DC Universe and know that she is The REAL Black Canary... To be fair is not Laurel who I loathe, but Katie Cassidy's take on the character.

Yeah, I know that many point her and Willa Holland as the Low points of the show. Personally, I'd add Colton Haynes, because he can come off very wooden at times. That is not the point. Nor saying anything bad about Emily Bett Rickards (since she has become the waifu of many Arrow and The Flash fans.) You say anything bad about Felicity Smoak and your place will end up in ashes and smoke... (Sorry for the Zecora Speak)

So, Laurel Lance will end up wearing the Black Canary suit. The CW has released said pics to entice people to watch Arrow, or something? Why not post pics of her topless in the name of equality? Before anyone cries My Soggy Knee! Remember this past rant where I complained about Shirtless Stephen Amell Arrow Promos. I just want the introduction to Black Canary to mimic those. Oh yeah, Boobs make it sexist! Duh!

In any case, the pics of Canary Laurel have been released by the CW. Kudos to the costume designer who left a nod to Comic Book BC with the Fishnet gloves. (Should have been Fishnet Stockings, but My Soggy Knee, Pay Tree Are Key! or something.) She kinda looks like she stole some of Seto Kaiba's wardrobe.
The idea to cover her up in pleather is to hide the obvious stuntwomen that will be used in most fight scenes. Personally I would have kept Caity Lotz as Sara and killed Laurel... It's that I can barely tolerate Katie Cassidy's Laurel and every time I see her I want to go Zangief on her.

and there is a small Arrow link in that clip. Rye-You is played by the same actor who played Yao Fei in Arrow.

Laurel will don Pleather after the "December mid-season break"... Shame that she couldn't have been in Central City when Barry got struck by Lightning, so she could be a bit closer to her comic book counterpart. See, I can say something somewhat positive about Katie Cassidy's Laurel...

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