Nov 20, 2014

It came from the Toy chest: You'll POP my yay! in ten seconds flat?

Finally, the MLP POP Mane 6 are in my hooves! I found a NORMAL Rainbow Dash with BLUE WINGS! No need to buy the fancy one with wings that don't match her at all!
Like all the other MLP POP toys, you pop, assemble and can put a lot of stickers and vandalize your pony as if it was the dumbass "Normal Proportions Barbie" doll. (seriously you can add stretch mark and acne stickers to that doll.)
As you are all aware, i'm not going to subject my Weird Robot/puppet ponies to the cruelty of vandalism. Now I have the mane six as POP ponies and I don't think I'll be getting any more.
I blame Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy for that. In the pic below where the mane 6 are facing forward, you'll see that Rainbow's hair isn't painted completely. Same thing happens with the tail. Fluttershy seems to be suffering from Mare Pattern Baldness. Not only that but her mane looks more like Sweetie Belle's than Fluttershy's.

 Mix and Match is still alive with the MLP POPS and it gets better when you have more combinations.
Right now the only way I'll return to the POPs is the Luna Set, if they make a Celestia, and if we get
 Derpy and the Doctor.

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