Nov 23, 2014

Jurassic World: the Teaser: The rant

21 years ago, Steven Spielberg made us believe that Dinosaurs could exist in the modern world.
The Future is Now!! June 12, 2015 is the new date for the 4th Jurassic Park movie...
The Teaser was shown a few hours ago. If you've been living under a rock, or have grown to dislike Jurassic Park after the Third movie... Cause let's face it! That movie was pretty much a combination of scenes from the two books that did not make it to the movie with a pretty bland story...

Yes, there is now a JP IV, I mean Jurassic World... With no story written by Michael Crichton, none of the Original cast (except Dr. Wu, played by BD Wong according to IMDB), not directed by Steven Spielberg. The director has done a TV movie, a Documentary, a short film and pretty much nothing else...

REALLY a FREAKING HAMSTER BALL!? Looks a bit too futuristic... Almost Videogamey. The biggest sin is that this is pretty much the Trailer FOR the Trailer...

The Teaser did nothing for me. The Trailer needs to wow me if it wants me to be interested in Jurassic Park IV... Right now THIS is better than the Teaser for Jurassic World


  1. Actually the interview with the director from earlier in the year got me more excited than the teaser... I like that he wants to criticize society with this, and it sounds like it has shades of "Jaws3-D", which I may be the only person on Earth that likes that movie, but eh :-/ Im happy to see it happen, if only for the toys. The last Hasbro offerings were good. I even have one of the prototypes of the InGen merc.

  2. It's a teaser with not much happening, but I gotta say that I'm digging it. Friday, with this and The Force Awakens teaser, is going to be huge!

  3. TBH I rewatched the Teaser just now. The Hamster Ball was what ruined the teaser. I can almost see a scene with a T-Rex chasing the ball. BTW WHY are they using a clear ball since they SHOULD WELL KNOW the power that the Dinos have... as seen in the San Diego Incident.
    I think I agree with Dr. Malcolm. (At the same time, I'm a LITTLE curious about it... minus the Hamster Ball.)