Nov 11, 2014

It Came from the toy Chest: You POPped my wahaha!

I have reviewed some POP Kits before.

 Now it's Apple Jack and Rarity's Turn.
As you can see, they are the Basic sets. Someone pointed out to me that there is a Rarity that comes with Princess Luna in a two pack...

So, if I want a Luna, I need to get another Rarity. Same thing with Twilight. If I want a Princess Can'tdance then I need to get another Twilight.

The one thing I can't understand is why the MLP POP Rainbow Dash doesn't have Blue Wings?

That's the reason keeping me from buying Dashie. I've heard rumors of a Blue Winged RD, but have not seen her.
Now If I could find a Fluttershy (also a Stuffed Fluttershy) to complete the Mane 6. Well, in the POP case, I'd also need Dashie. (And a Fshion Scale AJ, but that's another rant for another day.)

Yes, this rant is a bit scattered BECAUSE of the lack of stuff that these MLP POP items have.

In the Previous rant, I did complain about the Robotic look on them, but did compliment the Stickers... TBH they work better to decorate other stuff instead of the ponies themselves.

Not too fond of the idea of vandalizing my, uh, My Little Ponies. But the stickers are there for those who are into that. One HUGE MEGA COMPLAINT that I have with Apple Jack is: NO FREAKING HAT!!

So, get a bunch of these, mix and match! If you're brave enough, you could make your own Original Character with a little paint!

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