Aug 13, 2014

It Came From the Toy chest: My Little Model Kit

The My Little Pony POP Kits are finally available in my neck of the woods. They're half Model Kit, Half Marvel Super Hero Mashers.
There are Normal figures like Twilight Sparkle and Deluxe Figures like Pinkie Pie (who come with a lot of Accessories). Once you open them up, they're stuck to a "Tree" (No, not Fluttershy)
and you need to remove them and assemble.

Assembly is stupid easy: Pop the pieces in pop in the mane and tail. (Wings if your pony is a Pegasus or an Alley Corn)

You pop out the accessories (if Any) Then you play! Yay! Just not with the Playful Scale Ponies, since these gals are smaller, and a bit too stylized... They kinda look like Robotic Ponies. There's some weird stitching on the wings and manes. The joints seem to have some weird "Heart Pegs" or "Heart Buttons"

You can also assault your pony with stickers... I have to say that Pinkie having a Mustache Sticker is a nice nod to the bronies!

But at the end of the day, I cannot recommend these. They are yet ANOTHER different scale for them that cannot work with ANY Previous MLP FIM items. They also look a bit cheap. I know they ARE Cheap, but they look almost like Bootleg Cheap.

If you get these, try to get the Mane 6 to have a somewhat cohesive display... The good thing about these is that they're customizable, so you could make your own Pony Characters if you'd like to.
The Accessories that the Deluxe Ponies (Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy) have are pretty nifty.

SOME can be used in Other Toylines and they even work better than the MLP Wedding items.

I cannot rate these as normal toys since they are Model Kits for Little Girls (4+) or People who suck at Model Building Kits.

MLP: Customization is Magic
You either love these, or HATE these. There is no Middle ground with them... I think I may stick to the "Blind Bag Scale" minis and the Playful scale Ponies.

I'm confiscating the Tea and Cookies for the Great Rebellion, because 80s Mattel!

If these Ponies aren't your style, their accessories CAN
WORK with MOTUC. The cookies may need to be repainted.

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