Aug 7, 2014

Looking back on MOTUC's 2008-2009 Roster

We know All Toy Lines must end and 2015 is the last year of MOTUC. Before Reaching 2015, I want to look back at past years in MOTUC. (It also allows me to give some quick thoughts on figures that I did not review on It Came from the Toy Chest.) I already did one of these for 2013.
Let's Start with the Years that Started it All: 2008 and 2009.

Why two years? Well, 08 only had King Grayskull, He-Man and Beast Man.

Original King Grayskull: (200X) C-

Funny how the First Figure in Classics is a 200X Figure, yet people bitch and moan every time something 200X shows up. San Diego Comic Con 2008 was King Grayskull's first outing.
So, what can I say about Original Flavor KG?
I was unable to get one due to electronics on the Special Castle Grayskull Box that he came (Back then I was "International") Then there's the glued armor on him, non-removable head and Fragile legs and ankles.
He is an amazing looking figure, but his Brittleness hurts his status. (He'd score higher if he wasn't so darn brittle). There were two variants of him available. Bronze Statue was sent randomly to some customers and Spirit Blue made for some Mattel Employees. In 2010 Mattel made a Santa Colors variant with different items, which made this one obsolete.

He-Man: (MOTU) B
The Most Powerful Man in the Universe was made in 2008 and he was mindblowing. When he was reissued, I snagged him and he was my second MOTUC figure. The Reissue surpasses the original release, because it doesn't have reversed Shoulders. (It is said that some King Grayskulls have reversed shoulders too) The Reissue lacks the Red paint around the eyes that makes He-Man look like he was sprayed with a drum of Mace.

Beast Man: (MOTU) A
The first Bad Guy in the line was NOT Skeletor, but Beast Man. A PERFECT Update of the Vintage Figure, but in a slightly more muted palette. The main complaint with this figure is that he's a bit too short. The second complaint (more important IMO) is that his knees tend to be super loose (This issue plagues most of the furry legged characters) Personally, I wish there was a bit more 200X in him. (mostly talking about size)

Skeletor: (MOTU) A-
The Big bad himself, Skeletor. This time he is an update of  some vintage art instead of the toy. He has ZERO 200X Elements on him, which to me it's a fail, but I understand the more vintage inspired look reasons.That Vintage Bonnet is so awful!!

Stratos: (MOTU) C
Zzzzzzzzz... Stratos is so dull and boring, especially since he is pretty much a Vintage Stratos sculpted by the fourhorsemen... But only without a gripping hand. Looks great while flying, but he can't hold anything. He even got the vintage Sock Feet.

Faker: (MOTU) C (grade Improves with Weapons Pack #2 and 2014's NA Skeletor) 
He wasn't meant to be on Matty, but a Con exclusive. Luckily Mer Man got delayed. He's pretty much Blue He-Man with Skeletor's Armor in Orange. Supposedly, this figure was made in-house by Mattel and not by the fourhorsemen. (Something something, Horsemen wanted to sculpt Faker's robotics and not have a tampograph) Lazy, but it was "just like we remember". Luckily Mattel decided to give him an Orange Ax and Shield through the Second Weapons Pack and a new Terminator-esque Battle Damaged head with NA Skeletor; which improve Faker a lot.

Mer Man: (MOTU) A
Thank goodness for the cardback art that makes Mer Man look like his 200X counterpart (that look was also based on the cardback art) but for those who like Stinkor's head in green, the option for a vintage toy head was available with him... Thank goodness for alternate heads. He is not an A+ character because of his open hand. I can't have him hold his trident badassly or dual wield.

 Zodac: (MOTU) C-

While I have the TRU 2 pack version of him, I do not own the Monster Feet Zodac. He's pretty much the Vintage Figure (only a red gun as an accessory) and the only 200X nod is the back of his armor. He is rather boring, but if you can get him, you should... (I kinda want to army build cosmic enforcers)

Hordak: (MOTU) A
The Evil Ruler of the Evil Horde is awesome. He will lose his awesomeness by the 4th or 5th time you get pretty much the same figure as this one. He has his Vintage Crossbow in Black for some reason, his little shield/gargoyle/horde logo thing as a little "imp-like character" and a 200X Staff. The only nitpick that I have is the non-removable cape. Well, you can take it off, but it's stuck to his papal hood/cowl thing.

Man-at-Arms: (MOTU)A+
Duncan: He's the best figure of 2008-2009, no questions asked. You can't go wrong with him. Vintage head, 200X Head, mace (slightly gummy) Grayskull sword and gun plus a 200X sword for your He-Man or King Grayskull. He can stash all of his weapons on his back, which takes him BEYOND his vintage limitations.

He-Ro: (Powers of Grayskull) B+
The Elusive He-Ro was the SDCC Exclusive of 2009. He had 6 variants in total (3 SDCC variants with the SDCC Logo on his chest and 3 Matty variants) He was one of the legendary prototypes from the 80s from the spin-off that did not make it past a mini comic and some beasts (Bionatops, Turbodactyl, etc.)He's not a bad figure but he isn't that Wow worthy... Unless you know about the saga of POG.

Tri-Klops: (MOTU) A-
Tri-Klops, Skeletor's evil swordsman who sees everything got some extra bits of detail that improve over his vintage figure and a Doomseeker. On the other hand he got the useless Warrior Ring, because Nostalgia.

Webstor: (MOTU) B+
MOTU's very own Spider-Man is OK... Looks very Vintage except for the 4 Spider-Legs. Sadly, his action Feature does not work, which is stupid, since it's all in the backpack. Also, his grappling hook is soft on the handle and warps easily.

Zodak: (200X) B- (Improved with 2013's Strobo)
Glows in the dark. Is different enough from the other Zodac. First "Extra figure" who reused a lot of Zodac and He-Ro parts. Sadly he did not get an unhelmeted head until Strobo.

Teela: (MOTU) B
My first MOTUC and my first Teela EVER. The first MOTUC female Figure made by the fourhorsemen. Plenty of accessories and a Zoar who was my placeholder Sorceress until Sorceress was made. She has a few issues, but the biggest one is her scarcity.

Scareglow: (MOTU) C+
We solved the Evil Ghost of Skeletor mystery with him, but new head and cape on a naked body with painted Kobra Kai Skeleton suit is not that cool. The Coolness that saved him from a D was the new Reliquary whose key works with 2013's Castle Grayskull. He is a bit brittle, so be careful with him.

Goddess: (Mini Comics) F
A Translucent Green Teela Coming TWO MONTHS AFTER the release of Teela felt like a Rip-Off.
Having only a Spear that she could use made the deal even suckier. The extra He-Man stuff was a nod to the mini comic (and useful for 2015's Sub Exclusive figure) Sadly, we know her main issue. Exploding Crotch. If she lacked this "Action Feature" she'd be a C+. I've had a few chances of getting her, but I've skipped her because of her Kaboom Boom! Crotch.

King Randor: (MOTU) B
The Final Figure of 2009, King Randor, Inspired by his Vintage Toy Look, but with a new Armor that is not Jitsu's; Randor was turned into a badass figure. I may prefer the Eternos Palace version of the King, but this version is badass. Couple of paint issues on my figure hinder his score.

Also, the Kowl-o-Meter is at 73% we only have one more week and we need 27% I'm starting to get worried...

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