Aug 22, 2014

2015 Club Eternia Subathon Round 2 Has Begun!

Are you ready for the Final Push for Club Eternia 2015? This time we need to reach the 100% in order for it to go through. We're so close to reach the goal, yet so far away. We only need 10% for the goal to be reached...

Here's what the Four Horsemen had to say Yesterday:


Hey all of you Masters of the Universe Classics fans out there! Well, as I’m sure you’re well aware of by now, we got some pretty unsettling news this week. Even though during the San Diego Comic Con it looked like the 2015 Club Eternia subscriptions were selling really well and it looked as if we were going to sail really easily right through the end. We were all amazed at the huge amount of support fans were showing for the line. The 2015 Club Eternia looked like such an early success at that point that we’d even already been discussing with Mattel what we were possibly going to do with 2016 MotU Classics line-ups.

Unfortunately, things seemed to have stalled out just before the end of the original end date for the subscriptions, and we ended up about 10% short of the goal needed to make the 2015 line a reality. We’ve seen people speculating that this might be some sort of ploy by Mattel to boost sales even farther over the percentage needed, but that’s simply not true. We discussed the actual numbers with Scott Neitlich (Mattel’s own ToyGuru) yesterday, and we can assure you that we are indeed just a small amount short of hitting the goal needed to make the 2015 Club Eternia subscription happen.

We’re about 90% there and we just need one little extra bump to get us over the edge. Obviously that’s where you come in, He-Fans and She-Ravers! If you’ve already bought a 2015 Club Eternia subscription – thank you! But your work here isn’t done. Please help to spread the word and let other people know that it’s not to late to jump onboard and help to make MotU Classics one of the most spectacular action figure lines in toy history.

The 2015 MotU Classics: Club Eternia subscriptions are going to re-open tomorrow, Friday, 8/22 at 9:00 am pst, and close on Monday, 8/25 at 11:59pm pst

I mean c’mon… Did you ever think you’d get a Madame Razz or Broom figure in MotU Classics? What about Lizard Man? Gwildor? A New Adventures She-Ra? That awesome Tung Lashor? Mermista? The fan-chosen Huntara? If we don’t make that subscription happen some of those figures may never see the light of day, and we might have to shave O-Dawg’s head just to make us all feel better.

So please, if you can, go over to tomorrow and sign up for your MotU Classics: Club Eternia subscription! Let’s wrap this thing up with a bang, not a whimper. Thanks a TON!!

Jim, Eric, Cornboy, Shane, Sherri and O-Dawg


While the Message by the Horsemen mentions SOME 2014 figures, they have a point. Classics has given us Characters that we've been wanting since we were children. Marlena, Adora, Shadow Weaver, Sea Hawk, Madame Razz. Mara, Oo-Larr, Shadow Beast, etc. They have improved on vintage figures like Tri-Klops, Mantenna, Man-at-Arms, the upcoming 2015 Ninjor (depending on the sub making it), the Earl Norem styled Snake Body for King Hssss.
we have one last year of figures to get and if we don't make it we will not get these figures.

Imagine what the Horsemen could do with Dragstor or the Energy Zoids. We have seen how they have improved some vintage toys and there's plenty of characters left. (From both MOTU AND POP) The only way we can get to see what the horsemen can do with them is by buying the subscription.

We know more or less  who's coming on 2015. The remaining masters of the universe figures, and the remaining princess  of power figures are the main attraction in the subscription.  If you're still on the fence but once most of the remaining characters and can afford the subscription you should consider getting one. Tell your friends... we need those numbers.

Again it doesn't matter if you believe that the threat to the sub is real or if it's Mattel marketing tactics. The issue is we need to reach the goal; not whether Mattel  is telling the truth or lying.

This is it the final year. its not only the final year for Masters of the Universe Classics but the end of an era. This might be the final REAL He-Man toy line we get. Any future lines of MotU may be based on the new DC Comics or the movie (if it ever happens) heck this may be the final He-Man toy line in our lifetime. (Ignoring the minis and novelty giants) let's end this with a bang not a whimper. in the words of Scott Neitlich" buy a sub"

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