Aug 12, 2014

Huh!? It's not Just a Box! Phantom Pain has better boxes now!

The Cardboard box is back!! You know, that thing that I missed from Metal Gear when I reviewed Ground Zeroes? I missed it so much that I even wanted a cutscene cameo of it after Hideo said that they were going to be super serious with the game...

Well, there have been a few videos floating about The Phantom Pain...

Fulton Recovery is back!! (I hate having to drag folks to far away areas to safely recover them.)
Also, Fulton Sheep!!

But best of all, the Cardboard Boxes RETURN!!

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! and I mean Herbal Essences type of yes!! The one thing missing from Ground Zeroes that I totally needed has happened! Not only that, but the box has a couple of new tricks with it... Those tricks will make playing the game more fun (especially when recruiting troops for Mother Base.) I loved using the Ass. Creed Hay Bale on Peace Walker! Need to use the box cannons, but need to play a co-op game first...

NOW I'm Excited about the Phantom Pain... All we need is a reveal of Big Boss fighting a Metal Gear and I'll be happy.

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