Aug 31, 2014

Looking back on MOTUC's 2010 Roster.

2015 is going to make it and since it's "the final year" I'm going to be checking out the remaining years of MOTUC (Basically, 10, 11, 12, and 14 since I've already done 08-09 and 13) not in one rant... of course. This time it's time for 2010. The year that brought PoP into the picture.

Adora: B+My Third MOTUC Figure, technically fifth but she somehow arrived earlier than King Randor and Reissue Skeletor. Her appeal is mostly from the fact that she was Purely Filmation (when Filmation Rights were unavailable, but some legal loophole allowed her to look Filmation.) and she was meant to be the 2009 December figure. The Mer Man delay bumped her off to 2010.The Bottom of her tunic is not that accurate and her painted hands tend to chip off.

Battle Armor He-Man: B-
The First He-Man Variant of the Line. While I'm glad we're lacking action features, a small part of me misses the Battle Damage feature. One Real complaint that I have is that Mattel left out the Power Sword (same thing they did on 2011 with Skeletor) which is a bit lame. I mostly bought him to have a Plan B Adam in case the line didn't last long enough to make an Adam.

Trap Jaw: A+
This figure is Incredibly awesome. It has the 2-for-1 factor with the whole Kronis pieces included. He has all of his attachments and looks like a Vintage Trap Jaw with some extra details (like the mangled maw)

Battle Cat: A+
He-Man's Trusty Steed and Eternal Companion (except when he goes to outer space) has come to Classics and DAMN! he IS Big. I was happy using the 200X Cat, even if it was slightly too small, but it was functional. The MOTUC Battle Cat makes the 200X Battle Cat look like a tiny tiger.
One nitpick that I have is that his head tends to lower on its own.

Mossman: A
Yes, he is a reflocked Beastman. (Sadly, I seem to have misplaced the vintage head... I don't care about that head, but it bothers me that I lost it!) Luckily for me, he comes with a second head that is not a repainted beastman head.

Evil Lyn: B
Since we got Teela, she was expected. She pretty much reuses all from Teela except the head, weapons and the Stand for Screech

Wun-Dar: B
He-Man in Zodac Armor with a loaf of bread... Nothing to write home about. If you have He-Man and Zodac, you KNOW what to expect. A nice piece of MOTU myth and legends made reality.

Weapons Pack: B-
A nice throwback to the vintage pack, but swapping some items that hadn't been made yet (small White Ax, Man-e-Faces Gun) for other items.

Optikk: B+
First New Adventures Figure... Shame that he started the Tradition of Reusing freaking Trap Jaw''s EVERYTHING!! for NA dudes. Vintage Optikk's thighs were closer to Blast Attak's than Trap Jaw's.

Tytus: F-
Puny for a Giant, with a lot less articulation than a normal figure, lame ass weapon that doesn't work like the vintage version. Figure can't hold his weapon without dropping his arm.
She-Ra: C
Dayum! Adora came out in 2010 AND got her powered up form in 5 months... Meanwhile her brother is still waiting for Adam... She looks VERY Filmation-like for some odd reason... Sadly, she's unable to ride Swift Wind or Battle Cat, then there's the issue of putting her head in her body. (You need to warm the head before pushing it into the body) She was so flawed that Mattel was FORCED to do an actual variant of her to give us a She-Ra that can Ride Swift Wind.

Keldor: B- Turns to A- with the Third Weapons Pack
Skeletor before Skeletor.Mattel went the cheap route with his swords and tried to justify it in a ridiculous way. He totally needed the Melting face head.

Count Marzo: B
First 200X Villain (who had a Filmation Origin) and creator of the 200X Head controversy.
People complained about his head. I only complain about Mattel billing me twice and then keeping the shipping money from THEIR mistake.

Orko: A
The Court Jester was the SDCC Figure with a Fabulous Accessory. It's so fabulous that if it holds a sword aloft, it becomes He-Man! Orko is cool and IN-SCALE with the figures!

Mo-Larr vs Toothless Skeletor: B
Decent Novelty Item (better than the 2014 Novelty Items) that eventually made it to big lots! and allowing customizers to get a cheap human buck to use. Other than that this set is a bit sucky.

Whiplash: A-
I went paint crazy on mine and turned him into a 200X inspired Whiplash. I'm not a huge fan of his Vintage look. I wish he had more 200X in him, because carbon copies of vintage figures can be a bit boring. The repaint and 200X head helped make him cooler.

Chief Carnivus: B
He was mostly made out of Beastman with a few new parts, because all furry beings must share the Beastman buck! He's not that awesome in the grand scheme of things, but he is a OK-ish!

Roboto: B-
A cool figure that got a lot of well deserved crap because of some serious issues: Cracking Torso Plastic and Reversed shoulders. On a more positive side, his action feature works!

Gygor: B
Big Lemon Lime Ape. Can't do the 4-legged Gorilla stance. I skipped him because Ididn't give a damn about him. Got to see one in person in late 2012 and now I regret not getting one.

Grizzlor: A
Nope! No sculpted hair on him. Aside the reused pieces from Beastman. They stuck to tradition and made him FURRY!! with real faux fur... While he looks vintage, he has plenty of pieces to make his 200X Look (minus the Face Armor)

Christmas King Grayskull: A
Custom fodder for a 200X He-Man and a decent replacement to the hyperbreakable King Grayskull: Original Flavor. He comes with two new Power Swords: Starry Version and Neo Half Swords... BTW he was the last figure to have a Half-Sword...
He-Man, Skeletor, Adam, Faker, Wun-Dar, Mo-Larr's Skeletor?
Oh yeah! King Grayskull's half swords were NOT compatible with past halves! He also has a big blue ball.

Weapons Pack #2: C
Seems that we got two in one year! The items were a bit lame this time around... But we got a stand for Zoar... They went TOO Character specific in many items.

Buzz-Off: C
Not a guy that I'm to excited about because he is ultra vintage. Had Mattel given us the @#$% 200X Head as an extra, maybe I would have liked him a bit more. Right now he looks like Liza Minnelli's love child with a balloon.

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