Aug 21, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Neitlich missed the point of a Filmation Hordak

Well, by the Title you can guess that I'm going to Review Imp, The Horde's shapeshifting mini spy.
Imp was a very popular character in She-Ra Princess of Power. He was Hordak's pet/sidekick/Little Friend, who turns into stuff... Like Beast Boy, Imp keeps his palette when shapeshifting. Unlike Beastboy, Imp can transform into objects.
The Little Bat Pig Thing has been Classicized in MOTUC...

So, without further ado, let's tackle Imp!

The joke was that both Imp and Derpy
have similar eyes... Yes, Imp is smaller
than a blind bag MLP.

Since he is a little guy, like Kowl and Loo-Kee, he gets a LOT LESS Articulation than the Average MOTUC.

Paint and Sculpt:
Many Imps seem to have a peculiar issue in their paintjobs... They look a bit Derpy um, odd. The Sculpt is 100% new. No parts reused here.

They look so nice together. Third party customizers
can help with a better head for Hordak.
Imp comes with no Alternate modes, which was a stupid idea of Mattel not to add any... for those of you who DID go to SDCC and were not screwed out of your mini chests; I am jealous of you.
Imp also comes with a Hordak figure as an accessory.

Yes, I know the figure IS Hordak and the Accessory is Imp, but let's face it: Most of us bought the set BECAUSE of Imp and not Hordak.
so, let's rate Hordak...

You've seen my past three Hordak Reviews, right? Original, Hurricane, and Kool-Aid? Well, you have a rough idea on what to expect with this one.

Paint and Sculpt:
the pegs look similar to Trap Jaw's. Only his left arm is removable.
This is basically Vanilla Hordak in Filmation colors... Mine's a bit sloppy around the back of the boots, his belt and on his mech-arm.
With that said, there are a few new pieces sculpted... and Design got to screw them up... because Ruben is an... eh, take it away Little Jack!
Seriously, Most of the figures with items that plug into their forearms (Roboto, Trap Jaw, Hurricane Hordak, Horde Prime, Spikor) Use THE SAME STYLE OF PEGS to allow interchangeability among the figures. This Hordak uses a mirror image of the Hurricane Hordak Arm Cannon. You'd expect the Hurri-pieces to work with him...

Staff is useless and looks unfinished.
because of Ruben's genius, we can't do it... Someone should make a MOTUC Figure with his likeness and call it Mediocror: Evil Master of Mediocrity. Reversed Forearms, thighs, with accessories in similar shades of green.

Maybe it was on purpose to stop any Karg Customs?
a 200X Staff because Screw You! An Extra Arm Then there's Imp.
The Duo gets an Overall Score of  3.75 Because of some hiccups in design (translation Ruben screwed up... AGAIN!!) Good thing 2015 figures are 100% Ruben-Free. Mattel dropped the ball by not giving Hordak the accurate head. Accessory selection (the Staff) is a bit weird as well. Now I know where the Silver WP repaint Crossbow can go to. Hell, I would have axed the staff just to get another Imp form.

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While, it's a nice gesture, they should have saved it for Light Hope
who WAS VOICED by Lou Scheimer. Hordak was voiced by George DiCenzo
(Bow, Pirate copy of Bow)

 To break all the white on Hordak's face I used Pearlescent white on some parts of his face and ears (mimicking the patterns on Normal Hordak's face.) The difference is subtle, but looks nice enough.

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