Aug 1, 2014

Vintage Mini comic Variant sub: Good idea or Bad idea?

Seems like I'm variant crazy with all the speculation... But Winter is coming for MOTUC  and since I touched the Anime Hyper Detailed era, touching the 80s seems like a good idea (because Balance)

Once again, I must issue a warning:
I am NOT demanding all these variants to be made. If it's variant vs a new character, new character beats variants 9 times out of 10.

Got that? This is more of a fan speculation list kind of thing... I can get a few items right... I'm counting my list for a Snake Armor King Grayskull to be a partial win with SA He-Man coming in 2015 (because of a head swap, I win!)

Why am I doing it about Vintage Mini Comics? because that era gets VERY LITTLE LOVE... In the MOTU side of the equation we have: The Sorceress (now known as Goddess), Skeletor's head and Barbarian He-Man with the Oo-Larr figure... Oh yeah! I forgot about Geldor... On the PoP side we have Double Trouble!! (er... Mischief) So, we could say that they are underrepresented when we compare them to Filmation.

I'm not a huge mini comics fan, but there are a few things here and there that I like from them...
Another warning: While I like the idea of Etherian Rebel Josh, he will NOT be on this list.
I'm going for most appeal and sadly, he is not that popular. Neither will be the Yellow Clad Warrior who does tug of war or whatever they call him. They will NOT be here because it's a list of VARIANTS, not new characters. But yes, It's a list of Mini Comic Variants.

Like the pasts mini sub possibilities, I shall copy the Etheria Model of 6 Figures and a sub Exclusive:

First on my List is:

Why Tri-Klops? He has a very Distinct Look in the mini comic and being an early 2009 figure he can be a bit hard to find.

He simply requires a new head and armor.
Bracers could be reused from Hordak, the boots are obviously the Cardback Evil Boots (or Palace Guards) and the sword could be SLL's repainted in Tri-Klops colors.
I'd toss in a Sheathed Dagger to be worn on the furry boot as an accessory perfect for He-Man (with Oo-Larr's long haired head.)

For the second Mini Comic Variant I choose:

Trap Jaw!
Why Trap Jaw? He has a very distinct Variant in the Mini Comics who looks different enough from Traditional Trap Jaw.
All he'd need is a new Head, Right Arm and Belt.
Everything else can be reused.
Left Forearm can be Hordak's while the rest of his body is based on the normal body.
while not accurate to the comic, I'd toss in his other two accessories because Trap Jaw needs interchangeable stuff.

The Third Character would Be Teela.

Why Teela? Simple 2009, Hard to find, allows Mattel to reuse her new pieces for the Goddess. Also, the promise of a Teela 2.0 is tempting

New parts needed:
Dress, Top and Bottom
2 Piece Snake Armor (One slip on piece for her torso and a new piece for the Snake Headdress Teela Head that came with both Original Teela and the Goddess.
New Fused Teela and Goddess Head (Head with Snake Headdress and long flowing hair on the back. Like the one on the picture.)

Everything else would be a reuse of the normal Teela Body and BG Teela's head.

The Fourth Figure would be Ram Man

Why Ram Man?
It's a Lazy Repaint, Mattel would LOVE to use one of those. Also, it's a Higher priced Item so they can "justify" a higher price point or something... It's Mattel who we're talking about here.
I know that what people want is a Ram Man in a normal sized buck, but using Mattel Logic, they'll simply repaint him. But I'd toss in the Super Long haired He-Man head as seen on the pic, because I TRULY want that head!

Now for the Fifth Figure on this Mini Comic Variant sub is She-Ra:
Before I hear complaints about "bait and switch" I'll remind ye about this:
I mentioned BOTH MOTU AND POP from the beginning. That's why she is here.

Basically She is 80% BP She-Ra with her new pieces being:
Skirt, Sword, Cape and possibly her top (Not sure if the GP She-Ra's top has the belt sculpted on it or if it's part of her skirt. Yes, It's the Vintage Toy She-Ra. She should come with the Alcala Styled Power Sword as an Extra Accessory.

The sixth Figure is Catra, who would Follow She-Ra closely. Yes, I'm going with the Vintage Toy look because it's more savage looking than her Filmation look.

Now for the Sub Exclusive figure: Who could I choose out of the many mini comic variants?
We have characters like Pink Sorceress from the She-Ra mini, or Bearded Mer Man from the Leech Mini Comic...
He's the last figure that had a Huge difference between his toy and Mini Comic Look. Also he's simply a New Neck piece and everything else can be found on Stratos and Beast Man. He can have a few Extra Accessories: Skeletor Version of the Alcala Power Sword, Mini Comics He-Man shield (check the Tri-Klops image for reference)

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