Aug 18, 2014

Club Eternia 2015 is on the Final Countdown...

In a few hours (11:59 PM PST to be precise) the 2015 Sub Period will end...
If you're a MOTUC collector, can afford to buy a sub and have not done it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? Buy the sub!! Don't be fooled by Matty's own stupidity... I captured the pic before Mattel removed it when they realized their stupidity.

If this was meant to be a preemptive congratulations message in case we made it , Mattel should have added a "We Failed" message as well "to cover all bases". If we truly made it and they screwed up by uploading this, then... all I can say is:

I'm anxious, but at the same time a bit worried. Which means that the worry has been doubled!
I can't take this at face value, BECAUSE I don't know the veracity of it. I really hope that we actually made it. Now we wait...

And good ol' Scotty Neitlich drops in some bad news:

To clarify for the conspiracy theorists out there: every year we prepare emails for both "we did it" and "sub did not go through" much as the same way t-shirt companies prepare shirts for both teams that "win" the Super Bowl so they can instantly sell shirts when the game is over.
Last year the DC sub did not hit the min and it did not go through. The "DC we did it" campaign was scrapped and never shown.
Right now we are actually quite a while off from the goal for motuc. If we don't catch up (to be as transparent as possible) Ninjor, Lizard Man, Huntara and the "snake" two pack will become quarterly releases and Oo-lar will be sold at Sdcc.
Obviously we would prefer to have the full year program, but much as the DC sub last year, unless we hit the min, our pre created "we did it" campaign will just be scrapped. We have to prep it ahead of time to be ready (due to bandwidth and approvals).
Hope that helps clarify! We are factually a lot farther away then we would care to be, so if you are on the fence, today is the day, lets make 2015 happen!
See? This is what I meant when I said:

No, Scott, we're very likely not going to hit the Minimum if we're 23% below the goal with less than 4 days. That's not THE BEST sub sell in to date!! We only got a Measly 1% increase from Tuesday to Thursday...  As much as I hate scare tactics, this message may have had the opposite effect, making fence sitters consider not subbing... If the Sub doesn't make it I'm blaming you, Scott D. Neitlich for posting that message on the .org!
waiting sucks... I wish I was a Purple Gimp with SEX on his oversized wristwatch...

Because of the Title of the rant... You knew it was coming!!

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