Aug 30, 2014

The Human Race: The Review

A while back, I won a contest from Topless Robot regarding the site's Editor, Luke Y. Thompson and his role on the Movie The Human Race. I won a Poster from the movie and a DVD signed by the Cast.

Let me get this out of the way... THIS IS a B-Movie. If you decide to watch this movie, Keep THAT in mind... Also, remember WHO is doing this review... A guy who was able to say good things about The Room.

Let's start with the Movie...
Have a Trailer:

So, if you watched the trailer, that's pretty much the plot of the movie. 80 people in only 1 comes out. Race or die. Touch the grass, you die. Stray off the path, you die. Follow the arrows or you die. You have several characters. Most of them have no names. Really, if you check the IMDB page you'll see that characters have names like Orange Vest, deaf male, deaf female, Stressed Out, the Priest, etc. Basically no names, just vague descriptions of the characters.
Check out this tidbit of Trivia:

Filming took place over a 4 year period. Initially the film shot for 7 days, then took a 3 month break. Then it shot for another 2 days and another 3 month break. The shooting schedule continued like this until the film was complete.

Take that into consideration too, when watching this movie.

The movie starts in one direction by telling you the back stories of SOME of the Racers. then the Race starts and everything goes to Hell... Figuratively speaking. Humanity does its best at being asshats during terrible situations... Especially this one that blows heads off for not following some arbitrary rules that only make sense to the sick minds of the "Game Masters" and not to the racers.

I'm not doing a play-by-play for this movie since the plot is incredibly simplistic and doing the play -by-play would spoil way too much. All I can say is that there are a few VERY Messed up moments. Some Hilariously bad lines... (Orange Vest delivers the worst of them all... Then again, LYT is used to reading some disturbing lines from weird erotic fan fiction...) Some decent Fight Scenes... The one with Eddie McGee is incredibly awesome, to me it was one of the best parts of the movie.
The ending is worthy of M. Night Shaymalamadingdong.
The only thing I can say is that Topless Roboteers might laugh or go WHAAAAAAAA? when the Deaf Guy describes Orange Vest. (Methinks, Deaf Guy is not a fan of Topless Robot's I Read your Fan Fic.)

This is a Love it or Hate it Film... I'll be honest, I was expecting something below Sci-Fi Channel's crappy movies like Rajin' Cajun Redneck Alligators or something, but it was a bit more entertaining than I thought. Then again, I was also playing a game of Spotting all the scenes where Orange Vest showed up... Kinda like where's Loo-Kee?

Now SHOULD YOU WATCH THIS MOVIE? Yes, but only if you stumble upon it. There's no need to actively hunt for it. You could enjoy it or want your 88 minutes back. It's not Uwe Boll bad.

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