Aug 27, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Flutterina, not Fluttershy

Yes, I often confuse both names. Eh, In any case I finally have Flutterina: The Princess of Power version of Antman! In the NU 52 Flutterina's role is very similar to that of a certain Flower Girl from the Slums... I will not cry... Curse you Jenova!!   Erm, where was I? Sweet B... erm, Flutterina who I already established to be the PoP Antman on a previous rant. Well, she's here in Classics now...

 Where to start? I have to be honest, I feel ambivalent about her, especially during this last week that the sub was in danger and we could have ended the line WITHOUT Queen Angella. Luckily, we dodged that bullet and Club Eternia made it to 2015. She's not exactly a most wanted figure for me. But now that I have her in hand, there hasn't been that much difference on how I felt before.

Flutterina has the Standard articulation from a MOTUC Figure... With the addition of the wings. Like most recent PoP figures, she loses the boot cut. the head Articulation is mostly hindered by the wings.

Paint and Sculpt:
Miss Flutterina has a bunch of new pieces starting with her torso. this torso is designed with plugs for her wings. Most likely to be reused on Sweet Bee, Angella, and if they make Veena and/or 200X Sorceress they could reuse it.
The hair is sculpted in a way that it drapes over the wings, but it allows for them to move. As mentioned in the articulation section of the review; this limits her articulation. She's got brand new bracers and boots based on her toy. The wings seem to be toy based too, but if you flip them backwards, they can almost work as her Filmation wings. Her color palette is based on her Filmation look. I have ONE complaint about her... The Wings. They look like they were made out of foam sheets for a Flutterina Cosplay instead of being Flutterina's real wings. The paint job is well done (aside some slop on the left wing) 4.5

Flutterina, for a change comes with an offensive weapon, a Pink repaint of the Battleground Teela Sword. She also comes with the Generic PoP Shield.

Flutterina gets an Overall score of 4.0 which is super great for a character that I'm a bit lukewarm about. While she lost points on articulation, the sculpt captured her look perfectly... Aside the wings. Part of me wished for veins on the wings. I'm pleasantly surprised that design didn't screw this figure up...

Clamp Champ is Mr. Flutterina

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