Aug 2, 2014

Filmation Variants: Good idea or Bad idea?

Eh, I'm going for broke in the third Variantmania rant. This time I'm doing Filmation variants.
As always, I'm not actively saying DO Variants!! I'm just saying that IF we are forced to get variants in a mini sub for this "faction" or "era" then These are the wants I'd be OK with.

Why Filmation? Well, I already did 200X and Mini Comics... Let's face it it's the only one left to do... for variants, I mean. Movie is a big no-no and the most important NA Variants have been made. (I suppose, my NA Skeletor will arrive in 28 days or something)

another Warning: The Filmation variants would have to be Classicized, meaning that They will not lose details like say He-Man would keep the red squares on his harness and the rivets on his bracers and belt. Look at EP Randor who has the symmetrical bracers, but with the same details as Adam or Tri-Klops.

Instead of doing 6 figures + 1 Exclusive, I'm going to change things around: 5 figures + 1 Exclusive + 1 Large Scale Item.

Figure 1: Trap Jaw.
It's an easy Repaint so it'll help balance the costs for some of the others that could require more new tooling. He'll have an Extra item for Filmation fans.

Take MOTUC Trap Jaw, ax the Kronis pieces, give him a Filmation Metallic red repaint and call it a day.
 Extra Accessory: Bearded Cosmic enforcer head (Zanthor) that you can use on a Spare Zodac Body

Figure 2: Teela
If you've read the past lists, you know that I add Teela because she is hard to find. Also a Filmation Teela is VERY important to have.
She'd need a new head, New Left Bracer with the small Laser cannon attached to it and new tunic (Top and Bottom) and a new Sword. Everything else comes from the Standard Teela. Extra Accessory a Repainted Mustache Head for Man-at-Arms in Filmation colors (to use with the Battle Ram Duncan)

Figure 3: Beast Man
He is a bit Hard to find and Easy to make.
Reuse Beastman's buck all the way but with Carnivus Shins, Skeletor boots and Stratos Sock Feet.
Extra Accessory:
True Filmation Hordak head... Mattel dropped the ball there when they made Filmation Hordak.

Figure 4: Evil Lyn
She pretty much reuses most of Teela's body parts minus the lower part of her tunic, which should be new. The head is obviously a repaint of Evil Lyn's normal head with a new Helmet. Reuse BG EL's cape to complete the look.
Extra Accessory: Hose Nose Head (Very Similar to Vintage Snout Spout but with small Tusks)

Figure 5: Tung Lashor
I like the Default Tung Lashor, BUT some people like the Filmation version and for some reason they want to add Charmander to their collections. He is really simply a new head with his tongue sticking out. Everything else is a combo of the Evil Buck, Hordak's Torso Armor, He-Man's upper boots and the Duck feet.
Extra Accessory: Shadow Magic for Shadow Weaver, or any evil female magic user.

Sub Exclusive: Count Marzo
I needed a character that would be popular and require some heavy new tooling to compensate for two figures with no real new parts.
a Truly Filmation Marzo would need:
New Head
New Torso "armor"
New "Loincloth"
New Thighs
New Black Flower
New Gun (yeah you read right, a gun. He used one on an episode... The once and future Duke IIRC)
The Rest of his body would reuse parts like EP Randor's shoulders, Hordak's forearms, Marzo's hands,Normal torso with Hordak abs, Demo-Man shins, Carnivus Cape and Stratos Sock Feet.
His Extra Accessory would be: Broken Masque mask to display with Shokoti.

Large Scale Item: He-Man vs Skeletor 2 Pack
This was to be expected. there's no way that I'd do a Filmation Sub WITHOUT the big Two.
He-Man is pretty much the same as the TRU Exclusive  He-Man  from the DCvs MOTU set, but with the Long Haired head from Oo-Larr and Flogg's Filmation sword in one tone silver) I'd also toss in a White Webstor Grappling hook and rope.

Skeletor is pretty much normal Skeletor with Oo-Larr forearms, Keldor feet and a new Filmation head and Havoc Staff. The Extra accessories are a Filmation Mer Man head and Harness.

Where is Clawful? (I'm guessing that will be the biggest question after why another He-Man and Skeletor?)
I hate Clawful, so that's why he is not there. I don't like Tung Lashor either, but he required less new pieces than Clawful. I could have put Stratos in there, but Stratos is a lot easier to find than Beast Man.

He-Man and Skeletor are there BECAUSE they are the Big Two and We are getting Mini Comic He-Man and we Kinda have Mini Comic Skeletor (thanks to Demo-Man). We also have the Vintage DC versions of them thanks to the TRU DC vs MOTU sets. We then have the New Adventures versions of them...
We kinda will have the 200X Version of He-Man (and I half expect a 200X Skeletor head)
So, the last Big Main version of the main two that Mattel CAN DO is Filmation.

I guess this covers all the main variant bases... Toy POP variants would be pushing it a bit too far, but I could totally do that list some other time!!

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