Aug 23, 2014

Odds and Ends: 8/23/2014 Capaldi Doctor, Bye bye Kari, and Mattel's Sub-a-thon.

Let's get the Mattel stuff out of the way... Yesterday, I posted the Message from the Fourhorsemen about the Subs being in Danger. Well, Cornboy pitched in and bought a Sub Yesterday.

Every Sub puts us closer to the goal. Now is not the time to worry about "Mattel conspiracies" or if "Scott Lies". That will not get us the figures. Reaching Mattel's goal will get us the figures.

Once again, if you haven't subbed up but want most of the figures, you should consider subscribing (if you can afford it)

Keeping up with the Matty news, I want to congratulate fellow member of the Council of the First Ones Podcast, Kelly Edmonds for being one of the two winners of the Show us your She-Ra contest from Mattel at SDCC. She, and the other winner got a 2015 Subscription to Club Eternia. Let's help them get their prize by helping the subs reach the 100% mark.

Still on the whole Club Eternia 2015 thing, I woke up and THIS was floating around Facebook. This Boob pic is supposedly a leak from the April 2015 MOTUC Figure; that we WILL NOT GET if the Sub does not make it through.

I understand the plight of Cherry Pickers (being one for MOST of the Line's life)
but right now, if we don't reach the goal, there will be no cherries to pick from...
and this one right here is one that I've been waiting for a long time. (The wait was made even harder when mai waifu arrived.) I need my Toy mother-in-law!!

Series 8 will air sometime today and my Cable Box FINALLY acknowledges Peter Capaldi as a Doctor... Too bad it keeps locating episodes with Matt Smith, or David Tennant  when I look for "Peter Capaldi". If my freaking box would tell me exactly WHEN will the new Episode be, this would be a lot easier. Wait... Future me tells me it's around 8:00 PM EST... but I don't trust future me... he can be a dick sometimes.

On a sadder note, Mythbusters kicked Kari Byron, Tori Bellecci and Grant Imahara off the show.
Before anyone brings out that rant from 2010 where I complained about the build team overtaking the show, Recent episodes of Mythbusters have been rather dull and The Build Team has been what has made them bearable. Then again, Cars, Bullets and Booms have been the main topics for a long time, this making the show dull...
Supposedly, the show wants to return to the Season 1 Format. The show's been on for 11 years... Holy smokes! Will they bring back some Folklorists, focus more on builds, actual myths, and maybe new Mythterns? Guessing not... I'm predicting current format, but entirely about Jamie and Adam... Future me refuses to tell... Is it that bad? I mean, WILL IT BE THAT BAD?

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  1. Future Me did not warn me about a massive blackout hitting at 8:00 PM EST and lasting all the way to 10:29 EST... Basically I missed out on the Capaldi Doctor...