Aug 1, 2014

200X Variant mini sub idea... Good or bad?

After seeing that Amazing Snake Armor He-Man and "Battle Armor" King Hssss and hearing rumors of a 200X mini sub that COULD happen in 2015. I've already ranted about a sub with New characters on it. So, this time I'm looking at the SEVEN Variants that could fill in a 200X Mini Subscription.
Just like Club Etheria before it there will be SIX Figures Plus a Sub Exclusive.

Before I start the list, I want to point something out:
This list is just for fun. I am not actively campaigning for a variant mini sub. If we DO get a mini sub; I'd prefer new characters over variants. 2015 has too many variants as it is. 

First, let's accept the Fact that a Teen Buck will not happen for the girls.
New parts:
Head (with long Ponytail)
Dress (Top and Bottom)
everything else is from Plain Old Teela.
Extra Acc: 200X Belt for She-Ra

Why Teela? Well, have you seen how frigging hard it is to get an actual MOTUC Teela!? That's why.

New parts:
New Torso
New Boots (both shins and feet)
New "loincloth"
New Techno Sword (Locked Mode)
Everything else comes from:
Snake Armor He-Man (head)
Vykron (forearms and hands)
Modulok (Shoulders, biceps, thighs)
Extra Accessory:
200X Adam Smiling head (like the Vintage Adam before him)

Why Adam? Well, Mattel "owes us" a Single Carded Adam, or at least a Prince Adam Bio. Adam also fills the mandatory "He-Man variant" slot. The Second head for Adam is to give us an Extra 200X He-Man head to put on a KG buck to make 200X He-Man.

Snake Mekaneck:
New parts:
Everything else?
Reused from:
Mekaneck (Armor, Weapon)
SMAA (The shoulders, biceps, forearms, thighs, shins, boots)
Horde Trooper Hands.
Extra Accessory: She-Ra's Techno Sword

Why SnakeMek? Switch out pieces with standard Mekaneck and you have a mostly 200X Mekaneck. Also, to expand the Snakemen whose roster is a bit small.
New Parts:
Everything else:
Flutterina Torso
Scorpia Shoulders
Huntara Biceps
Teela Forearms, hands, thighs, shins and boots
Angella Wings
Sorceress Staff
Extra Accessory:
Slip-On Tunic and bandanna for Orko
Why Sorceress? I like the 200X Sorceress look. seems more Fantasy like than the Filmation version.
(No, it has nothing to do with Princess Sunbutt) She is also a bit of a pain to get, so...
The Orko Pieces are to spruce up Orko (Obviously)

Evil Lyn:
New Parts:
Torso Armor and Skirt
Everything Else: Battleground EL
Short EL Staff with GITD Orb

Extra Acc: 200X Styled Skeletor Head

Why Evil Lyn? This slot would have gone to someone else if Mattel had done BaGEL correctly and gave her the female version of the Faceless One's Tunic.

New Head
New Mouthpiece
New Torso Armor
New Shins
New Boots
New Left Hand
Everything Else From Roboto (Torso, Gears, thighs, right hand, Weapons) and Horde Prime (Shoulders, Biceps, Forearms)
No Extra Accessories for Roboto

Why Roboto? Cracking Torso, Reversed Shoulders...Need I say more?

Ambrosia Skeletor:
New Parts:
Head (Faceplate reused from the Evil Lyn Extra accessory mentioned above)
New Ambrosia Belt
Reused parts:
from Skeletor: Torso, shoulders, biceps, Thighs, hands, Havoc Staff
From He-Ro: shins
From Demo-Man: feet
From WP#3: Keldor Swords
Why Ambrosia Skeletor? We have a kickass Snake He-Man and the Adam above would have a spare 200X Head that could be used on a He-Man buck to make 200X He-Man. So, with the Head from Evil Lyn, Armor from a Normal Vintage Skeletor and this guy we could mix and match a 200X Skeletor Or an Alcalá Skeletor if one swaps arms with DB Skeletor... Also, giving Skeletor a taste of Sub Exclusive status feels delicious!

Yes, I tossed in accessories to make a 200X She-Ra, Orko,He-Man and Skeletor to spice up the mini sub. Like I mentioned way up above in the larger text: I'm not actively campaigning for a Variant sub. I'm just trying to use the better choices in case it does happen. Most of the characters chosen (Adam, Teela, Evil Lyn, Roboto) were selected because they are a way to correct past mistakes from Mattel.
(what BGEL was supposed to be, access to Teela, since she is so damned hard to get, a Roboto with correct shoulders and non-cracking Torso, a single carded Adam) The only real dud would be Snake Mekaneck, but I like the tech-armor from 200X. Besides the inclusion of "Ambrosia" Skeletor (that can be mixed and matched into vanilla 200X look) who I chose BECAUSE he appeared on the show... (not to mention that I DESPISE the Samurai variants) I purposely avoided most of the dumabss gimmicky variants like Squeeeze envy Skeletor, or Peg Warming He-Man (Smash Blade)

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