Aug 16, 2014

War Machine down! Dog had nothing to do with it...

A few days ago, Duane "Dog" Chapman said that he was going to hunt down Jon Koppenhaver, AKA War Machine, for beating up Christie Mack (war Machine's former girlfriend) and another dude.
So, California Police caught him in a Hotel on Simi Valley. Dog the Bounty Hunter was nowhere near him. He was far more busy "aiding" the Police at War Machine's house where they were removing Exotic Snakes. I'm glad that the guy was caught, but I am disappointed that Dog didn't do any of the capturing...

I know this will sound wrong, but I kinda wanted to see a Dog vs War Machine Battle... (My money was NOT on Dog BTW...)  Mostly because after all that Twitter Bravado and chest puffing, nothing happened. Dog didn't show up at the right place... Now the question is: Was Dog's info wrong, or did he "get" the wrong info ON Purpose... I'm not saying he's a coward, but it's too "convenient" of him missing out on capturing this guy after all the show he put on.

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