Aug 8, 2014

Topangaborn gets a second season... YES!

Y'all know that I've been enjoying Girl Meets World on Disney Channel. The show is getting a second season. The show has a few kinks that they need to iron out but so far it has exceeded expectations.
I'm not so surprised that it got renewed for a season (since Disney Channel  has 3 seasons of Jessie and a 4th one supposedly coming on 2015) Mr. Minkus will be showing up on Next Week's episode... (I love the nods to Boy Meets World)

Before I begin to ramble about today's episode; I want to make a small list of characters from Boy Meets World that I'd like to see on Girl Meets World: (That are not Feeny. Right now I'm a strong believer of the fan theory that Mr. Feeny died sometime between the end of Boy Meets World and the start of Girl Meets World. The "Feeny" that Cory saw was some sort of hallucination or "Force Ghost" of Feeny)

-Morgan Matthews: Cory's younger Sister should have an episode. Would be fun if the first half of the episode Morgan is played by Lily Nicksay and the second half Morgan is played by Lindsay Ridgeway.
It would be the perfect Tribute to Morgan's character.

-Topanga's father, Jedediah Lawrence: played by some random guy... (since they always seem to change him.) They could do a "GMW" version of the "Grandparent episode" from BMW... The one with Cory's grandma (played by the late Rue McLanahan) Perhaps make it an Auggie episode.

-Josh Matthews: Since there are rumors about Will Friedle no longer doing acting due to agoraphobia, let's use the OTHER Matthews kid. He was pretty much a blank slate, so they could do something special with him. Wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being an Eric Clone.

-Nebula Lawrence: The Sister that magically vanished. Would be fun to have Topanga's sister return, maybe in full hippie mode.

-Amy and Alan Matthews: Cory's parents are an important part of Cory's life. Not to mention Topanga's. Also, it's good to have more grounded characters appearing as guests.

That's it! I'm done! That's all the characters I want to see... I know what you're thinking: Where is Shawn Hunter?

The answer is simple:
The characters chosen are related to Riley and Auggie, so they would have a lot to do with the kids, who are (or at least Riley is) the focus of the show. Bringing Shawn would make it a Cory Episode and the show is Girl Meets World not Boy Meets World. or in Cory's case Man Meets World. But I wouldn't say no to an episode with Shawn.

Yeah, this list is loosely tied to Today's episode, since it had Boy Meets World Flashbacks, the return of my favorite version of Topanga (Hippie Pangy is the best Topanga) also, it took something that wa saw in the original Boy Meets World and made it different... I didn't expect a Harajuku girl reference on Girl Meets World. We finally See Topanga kinda working and actually doing more than simply being at home. I didn't see Dull Lucas or, didn't notice him if he was there, which says a lot about the character. Farkle was a bit annoying, because he is Farkle, but not 1st Episode annoying. While the whole "Riley Discovers that she's at a Geek party" was a bit funny; I felt like Cory was a bit of a dick to his daughter while mocking her in that situation with Maya... It almost felt as if Cory was channeling a bit of  Season 1 Eric instead of being Cory. The Auggie and Topanga B-Story was better than Riley's Story. Also, FLASHBACK SHAWN!!!

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