Aug 27, 2014

It Came from the toy Chest... Oh Deary My!

Madame Razz is Finally here...

For the first time ever we have an OFFICIAL MATTEL MADAME RAZZ toy. Princess of Power Fans were jumping with Glee when she was shown... Is she worth it? Let's find out...
If you're clueless on who is Madame Razz, read this ancient rant of mine!
We saw her at NYTF and she had a few issues that were not fixed by Mattel. Her cape looks a bit like Ray Fillet's wings. Her boots ended up unpainted at the shins.
 Out of the Package, Madame Razz looks pretty much like Madame Razz, but in 3D. Let's talk about her Articulation:
 As you can see, she is a Smaller Character... Taller than Kowl, Loo-Kee and Orko. She shares no parts with other figures, which means her articulation is Unique.
Her head is on a Ball Joint... a Male Sized Ball Joint...

I'm sorry for the nightmare fuel!
 Yes, you can put Male Figure heads on Her Body and you can put her head on Male figure bodies... Nightmare fuel coming up!!

On the Freaky Pic, you can see how she pairs up with other characters scalewise... More on that later. She has no ab crunch, but Females lack that PoA in MOTUC, so nothing new here. Her waist swivel should be called an Underboob swivel. Her Arm articulation is similar to Orko's.
Ball shoulders, Ball elbows, wrist cut.
Her legs are a bit different though.
The Thighs are Similar to Battleground Teela's because there is no thigh cut for her. The Knees are ball jointed like Mantenna or Modulok.
Her ankles are ball jointed to simulate the boot cut.
with that said, she's a bit awkward to pose, due to her body's shape. Her joints are also super stiff. It scared me a few times while trying to pose her with Broom. 4.0 

Meanwhile, her paint and sculpt are mostly phenomenal. I mentioned the boot issues. Fans warned Mattel but it was too late to fix. A bit of paint chipped off her cape. Luckily I was able to fix it with a bit of paint. (I ended up painting my boots and the edges of her cape)
The sculpt is obviously 100% new and captures her Filmation look pretty well!.

I'm flying, Jack!
On the Accessories Department, Madame Razz is a bit lacking. She only has Broom. (funny that we didn't have to pay extra for him as seen with Hordak and Imp.) 

She sorely needed some sort of Flight stand to pose her as she should be: Flying Broom.

I'm not sure if I'm doing it right on the flying pose, but It's nifty that her Feet fit Broom.
In accessories she gets a 3.0 and that's OK since Broom has a little bit of Articulation. CAREFUL!! his joints are a bit tight and he is red, but painted brown.

Madame Razz is a great figure to have if you're a PoP fan. I do have a small issue. I don't feel she's a $25 figure. She barely reaches a bit over a Normal figure's waist. (Her hat creates the illusion of more height. OK, I get the whole new tooling and all that, but Mantenna had a ton of new Tooling, was larger than an average figure and cost the same as a normal figure... Then we have the paint issues that Mattel couldn't fix. Breaking out the paints yet again on a seemingly overpriced figure is a bummer. We then only have Broom as the single accessory. Seriously, couldn't we have gotten an Imp form with Madame?
Since I hace to rate her, I'd say she's a 3.83 but she could've been a bit better.

Screw the Rules, I have Battle Armor Broom!

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