Aug 20, 2014

Neitlich's Filmation List... It's pretty much complete!

I guess everyone remembers my Nepthu: King of Turds rant.  Well, for some reason, I revisited that rant and a post from Emiliano Santalucia's blog. There he talks about the Turd King himself, Nepthu and about an e-mail exchange with Mattel's Scott Neitlich. The conversation, which you can read on Emiliano's post, was about Cartoon Characters in MOTUC.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe:
Fang Man
Various Trollans

She-Ra: Princess of Power:
Shadow Weaver
Horde Prime
Sea Hawk
Col. Blast
Madam Razz and Broom
Light Hope

New Adventures of He-Man:
Mara (REALLY NEEDS THE SUB TO HAPPEN in order to be made)

Figures whose names are in green are figures that we either ALREADY HAVE or are coming in 2014.
Those with their names in Yellow (orange if we wanna be technical) depend on the 2015 sub to make it. Those in Red, well, those are MIA.

The Tinfoil hat wearing side of me sees a pattern here. Neitlich pushed his wants over the wants of everyone else... Yes, I will still argue that Nepthu is a wasted slot (Plundor is another one too, but his fanbase is 6 times the size of Nepthu's)

As much as I'm not that big fan of Lizard Man, he has a following. The Hover Robots were a nice addition. Sadly, the Robots will be the first casualty if Club Eternia 2015 doesn't make it. (I know that I'm sounding like a Mattycollector Club Eternia Pitchman, but I want to complete the POP Roster... and Ninjor, cause he's freaking-A!! and MEGABEAST!!!)

but let's remove the tinfoil hat and go back on topic: Yes, I'm glad that Lizard Man and the robots have a chance to make it (assuming we get the sub.)  BUT, aside Nepthu and Plundor... (I'm still hung up on those two) and Vultak being a POP Character, the Filmation list is somewhat decent.

The NA fan in me is disappointed that we will never see Master Sebrian (I know he's not toyetic enough, but now we have a Thinner buck!!) and Crita is up in the air... Kinda like that Unleashed Doomsday...

No Freaking way! There could be hope for Crita... I AM NOT SAYING THAT SHE IS COMING... Only hoping that she does, because of the Teela/Evil Lyn dynamic between Mara and Crita.

Of course we have people complaining about this bit of news. Yes, I know Mattel said that it wasn't going to happen. Now it did... At least they ARE Releasing the kickass Unleashed Doomsday... Which is very tempting even for me to get... He killed Syouperman! So, that Doomsday stunt gives me hope to some non-vintage MOTU characters in 2015.

Funny how getting a bit of news in the middle of a rant changes the entire thing. I was going to complain about Mara being MIA if the sub doesn't make it, but the Doomsday thing gave me a bit of hope...

Now, I understand some people believe that Mattel is manipulating us.( to an extent I totally agree) That is not relevant right now. The important thing is that Mattel has us by the balls Metaphorically speaking with this whole sub thing. They NEED/WANT X amount of subs sold. If we don't reach that number we're screwed, as simple as that. We have this weekend to reach that goal and that's all that should matter.

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