Aug 24, 2014

Why is it important to sub up to Club Eternia 2015

So, we know the subs are 10% down. There's the idea that it's all a conspiracy by Mattel to get more money out of the customer base. Here's the thing: If we don't reach the goal that Mattel has set, we'll get no figures. Best case scenario for a sub failure would be having Lizardman, Ninjor, Huntara and Oo-Larr offered as quarterly figures with the Snake Armor He-Man vs 200X Hssss as a Comic Con item. We may lose the Snake form for Hsss and we WILL Lose the Robot Knights for Skeletor. Angella would have NO CHANCE IN HELL if the sub doesn't make it... (Mai waifu needs her mommy!)

 The Horsemen have been taking some of these figures that were low new tooling in the 80s (like Ninjor) and overhauling them to be more awesome. Hell, they made Blade and Gwildor look Badass and closer to their Film look than the vintage toys, which let's face it are a bit crappy in their accuracy to the source material.
This fan-made pic was circulating FB
It shows more or less what we WILL GET on 2015
including some out of sub items like the Hover Robors
Do we want to end up like 200X where we never got a revamped roster of ALL the figures? Not even with the complementary "Stactions" from NECA we got a full roster.

I'll be honest: I don't like ALL of the Vintage Figures. I've mixed feelings towards some of the vintage figures: The Space Hippies (Comet Warriors), The Ancient Beyblades (Energy Zoids), Extendar, Blast Attack, Sssqueeeze, Tung Lashor,Saurod, Ram Man, Gwildor, Hurri Hordak, BS Hordak, Terror Bra Skeletor, Flying Fists He-Man. All of those figures worried me when talking about having them in Classics.

I have been Pleasantly surprised with most of them (that have been released or at least shown prototypes of) Heck! Most NA Figures have been Pleasantly Surprising (aside some that suffered from Chronic Rubenitis)

Speaking of Ruben Martinez...
Good Riddance!
He's no longer involved with MOTUC. He's involved with the WWE toys... The Andre the Giant from the Elite Series 29 was a figure he worked on. The one with the infamous wig.

Well, MOTUC has been freed from "Mr. fat armor for NA Skeletor's SKIN is a great idea!"
That's another reason to sub up, right?

I know this whole "sub or die" mentality that Mattel has is counterproductive and it sucks...
Sadly, that is how Mattel wants to play the game. If we want MOTUC figures we have to sub up. Period.

Not subbing because of Economic reasons, is something I understand and respect. On the other hand, not subbing to "spite Mattel" or to "teach Neitlich a lesson" gets us nothing. You know what's going to happen?
Mattel shuts down the line and would be the THIRD Strike on MOTU's record. (NA and 200X being the first two)
Neitlich and the rest of the MOTUC team get shifted to other brands. Look at Ruben as an example. He was moved to WWE. Who wins here? No one. Who loses here? We do.

If you can afford to get the sub, do so. The fans have kept this line going DESPITE Mattel. Let's not give them a chance to pin the failure of the line on us, the fans. We have about a day to reach our goal...

If you haven't subscribed yet and want to, head to Matty Collector's site and buy the sub. Or, if you're lazy, here's the link for the MONTHLY Subscription. If you want to save a little bit more on shipping you can use QUARTERLY Subscription, where they ship you the items, each quarter (3 months).

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