Aug 14, 2014

Odds and ends 8/14/2014 Kowlometer vs Shark week and Bear Grylls

Shark Week, looks like you jumped the shark with your BS mockumentaries... Voodoo shark, Zombie Shark... Hell! The Sci-Fi Channel did it better by having Sharknado on Shark Week... Yes, Discovery Channel, you were beaten by Sharknado...

I was a bit un-enthused by Shark Week and I confirmed why. I'd rather have Bear Grylls taking people to do the man vs wild thing...
Wait... He is DOING THAT!? and he's taken Zac Effron, Ben Stiller and Channing Tatum!? Hopefully they didn't drink their own pee... Yup! Bear Grylls has a new show that is pretty much the same thing as the Jake Gyllenhaal and Will Ferrel episodes of Man vs. Wild. Now if I could find out WHERE they are showing this. *one Google Search later* Oh, it's on NBC... Need to check it out then...

Final Kowl-O-Meter before the end of the Sub Period... After Today's update, we'll be flying blind to the Final Year of MOTUC or Crash and Burn with the line ending in 2014.
This was sent by Mattel last Tuesday... This is the first year that Mattel has spent time doing promos for this line... they had the nifty toy ad, the A Song of Ice and Fire rip-off ads, now they're mentioning the pros of subscribing:
Like getting all the characters at a lower price.
Not all characters will have Day of Sale... Ninjor will NOT HAVE DAY OF SALE...

The only thing we have not seen is the usual "Neitlich begathon videos"... It feels weird.

Without further ado, here's the Final Kowl-O-Meter update before the end of ths sub period...
You can totally start panicking now. 77% is all we got.
I am definitely worried that the sub might not make it and that I'll miss out on Multibot, Angella, Perfuma, Dragstor, Ssssqueeze, Saurod, Mara, the Laser variants of He-Man and Skeletor...

Meanwhile Neitlich seems to be in La-La Land.
He-fans, orgers, She-ravers and I guess Pixel Dan,
So obviously for those following the Kowl-0-meter the 2015 sub is doing great. In fact, very good chance we will not only hit the min but we may hit the min plus xx% that is the cut off. The 2015 sub could very well sell out. We do have a cut off point above and beyond the min of tier 2 (min needed to move forward at all) due to material purchase and other logistical stuff.
I only say this as historically we have had a huge boost on the last day. If you are waiting until the last day, just keep in mind potentially there might not be a last day.
Great news that we are doing the best sub sell in to date! Just don't want anyone to miss out. There could be a cut off. (Not a scare tactic, just the facts.)
To making 2015 happen and being part of it!

No, Scott, we're very likely not going to hit the Minimum if we're 23% below the goal with less than 4 days. That's not THE BEST sub sell in to date!! We only got a Measly 1% increase from Tuesday to Thursday...  As much as I hate scare tactics, this message may have had the opposite effect, making fence sitters consider not subbing... If the Sub doesn't make it I'm blaming you, Scott D. Neitlich for posting that message on the .org!!

Sub time really puts me on edge... I just spotted a gray hair that wasn't there this morning!!

Really, if you're on the fence and can afford the sub, buy it!! buy it NOW!!

you can go Monthly or Quarterly... Let's kick this subs ass and get the remaining MOTUC figures!

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