Aug 11, 2014

The Last of Us... The Movie?

Apparently, Sony is trying to make a movie based on the game: The Last of Us. I already reviewed the game, but I'm curious about this movie version...
Sure, it's hard to make the game into a movie... I'd expect a Cliff's Notes version of the game. Hopefully, they won't take the Resident Evil in Name Only movies route, where they say: Screw the game, we have Milla Jovovich naked!

So far they are in talks with an Actress to play the role of Ellie... No, it's not Ellen Page... Think someone more Westerosi.

Seems that the Naughty Dog Team will be working with Sam Raimi in order to bring TLoU into a movie... This gives me hope, unlike certain movie that is already out...

Even the Goat Simulator took a jab at the T.A.I.N.T.

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