Aug 12, 2014

5 days left for Club Eternia 2015... I'm entering Panic Mode!

We are 5 days away till the end of the line, or keeping it alive for the Final year...
I'm in Panic mode because the Kowl-O-Meter is only at 76% and that's not good... We need 24% more to reach our goal and get the final year to happen.

What do we lose if 2015 Doesn't Make it?

For starters, we miss out on:
Rotar, Twistoid, Blast Attak, Sssqueeeze, Saurod, Dragstor, and Multibot from the Vintage MOTU Line. We also miss out on the 5 remaining MOTU variants: Flying Fists He-Man, Terror Claws Skeletor, Buzz Saw Hordak, Laser Light Skeletor and Laser Power He-Man.
We miss out on the remaining PoP ladies:
Angella, Perfuma, and Peekablue

We also miss out on Mara, the Final Fan Favorite Figure and any other surprises that Neitlich could shove on the sub or outside of it... like the rumored Mini sub, etc.

Also, we lose a chance at getting the most comprehensive MOTU line complete... If we can't even complete the roster of vintage figures with this line... Hell, if we don't get 2015, MOTUC would end without completing the first wave of figures in all eras.

It would royally suck if the line ends before 2015... If you haven't subbed up and you want to complete MOTUC (and can afford to sub); you should sub up! Do you want to end the line without MEGABEAST!? I don't... I never had MEGABEAST as a child... Allow me to correct this sin from my past...
Buy the sub...

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