Nov 24, 2014

2016 possible rebranding of MOTU...

I recall touching 2016  sometime before Neitlich moved on to greener pastures. Something about multipacks to round up the MOTUC rosters and how I had little faith in that type of line surviving.
The recent answers from Mattel gave me a bit of faith...
The other side of the coin is to Start all Over (I could've linked the Miley song, but I'm trying to be serious here.)

You know what Starting Over means, right?

The Return of the dreaded 8 back. (12 back if we're lucky.)

If the Rebrand does happen and Mattel decides to do a new "6 inch line" (let's face it, the scale is closer to seven inches.) compatible with MOTUC (because, let's face it; wasting the huge parts library that Mattel has with MOTUC would be stupid... from a logistical point of view.) we must accept the fact that Mattel WILL redo key characters.

Just look at every single toyline that "reinvents itself" after a while.
TMNT, GI JOE, TRANSFORMERS, STAR WARS, MARVEL, etc. Hell, let's keep it inside Mattel land and look at DCUC.

When the DCUC line began, it was a rebranding/expansion of the old DCSH line. (The DCSH Line was the "Spider-Man Classics" of the DC Universe.) We got PLENTY of BATMAN and SUPERMAN figures in DCUC... not to mention Hal Jordan figures. (Mostly because the DCUC Manager back then had a mega hard-on for Green Lantern... Seriously, the guy tried to shove Green Lantern into everything... Including MOTU)

So, the Redos are a necessary evil. People who bought into the whole MOTUC thing may not like them, but trying to sell a brand new line full of D-Z Listers that the previous line didn't make is a fool's dream.

Now here's the catch: Mattel NEEDS TO MAKE THESE REDOS SUPER DESIRABLE! They need to convince those who subbed for MOTU (or bought every figure available via day of sales) and got their MOTUC He-Man, Skeletor, MAA, Teela, Beastman, Evil Lyn, etc. to WANT these Figures from the new MOTU Line.

They cannot simply take the MOTUC He-Man and Skeletor, give them a slight repaint and say! NEW TOYS!

Emiliano Santalucia has made a blog post about a MOTU Rebranding and how he'd tackle the redos of past figures by taking inspiration in concept art by Mark Taylor and reusing SOME MOTUC Parts.
You should Check it out! Personally, the best ones (IMnsHO) are:
(both) Teela(s), Man-at-Arms, Man-e-Faces (with his weird Poncho), Goretusk (a concept by Ted Mayer that may have evolved into Grizzlor)

While his idea for a He-Man is very vanilla, I like it. It looks He-Man like for those who somehow missed out on MOTUC He-Man, but it also has this Vintage Mini comic vibe that the MOTUC He-Man lacks. The Cool Battle damaged and worn ax and shield look amazing. The Alcala PS is awesome. Add the Oo-Larr head from the 2015 Oo-Larr and you have a mega badass-He-Man.
IF that is not your cup of tea, then use the Helmet head shown on the pitch and some spare generic armor (from parts bin or third party casts) and you can create a cool Barbarian ally to Vikor.

With MAA, the Conquistador helm lends itself for a Nobleman in KG's court or an Eternos Royal Guard official.

One of the many ways to go with the redos is using other designs like the DCNU52 looks, or 200X, etc.

If you do those guys and combine it with some of the folks unmade in MOTUC *cough*Kayo*cough* we COULD achieve the zen point and have 2016 happen.

Then again, Rebranding could mean Screw MOTUC, We're going 3.75"! We'll have to wait until the next SDCC to see what Mattel is planning for 2016 and MOTU.

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