Nov 21, 2014

Disney what are u doing? Disney stahp!

Just saw the Trailer to Disney's newest Live Action Bastardization/prequel/retelling of a Disney Animated feature's trailer.

What have I got to say about it?

 that's the short version.

The long version, which is likely why you're reading this... you are, right? is like this.

If Disney wanted to make a Live Action Adaptation of their Animated Feature they should have simply REDONE the Animated Feature with Actors. Adding all this extra back story is just needless filler to pretend that they are being artistic. "Adding depth and pathos" to the story.

My answer to that is:

I saw Maleficent the other day. Holy crap! That movie took one of, if not Disney's GREATEST Villains and then... they did this to Maleficent.

No, I did not like the movie. They took the evilest bitch in all of Sleeping Beauty and turned her into a misunderstood victim, while the real villain was a "cis scum white male" or whatever the "evil term to describe males" is today.

Something that bugs me is that the Cast doesn't look like the Characters from the Animated feature. At least Maleficent tried to get that part right.
Oh crap! Helena Boham Carter, again! Is this a Tim Burton Movie?
I know it's from the dude from that crappy movie with the catchy song...
Here's the thing, Disney: We already have an awesome Cinderella movie that was Live Action and gave us more backstory to the characters...
Oh yeah! It was made by 20th Century Fox... Like the title says: Disneay STOP!! I'm afraid of a Jafar movie where he's misunderstood and is trying to bring Democracy to Agrabah or some other crap... Or wait... SCAR!! Filmed with real live animals!! 

Prince Charming...
I know this won't be Bay Turdles bad, but it's making me yearn for the Disney Direct to Video Sequels of Cinderella... Also, what's with the Trailer showing me the entire plot of the movie?

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