Dec 25, 2016

2016 is trying really hard to be a dick...

First it tried to claim Princess Leia via a Heart Attack. Luckily for us, the Princess of Alderaan is made of stronger stuff and is now stable. For that I am glad. It would have been a real dick move to end the year by losing Leia... We, the nerd community in general, hope for her full recovery.

But, 2016 is not giving up...

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou has passed away...
That is a real dick move, 2016... Taking George Michael away on CHRISTMAS!!

On a more positive note: Fuller House is getting a THIRD SEASON!! Now if ONE of the Olsen Twins would show up for a Michelle cameo, we'd be in for a treat... Dear Olsen Twins, stop being asshats and show up for a small cameo... You owe EVERYTHING YOU ARE NOW TO FULL HOUSE!!

Kim Jong Un wants to be an even bigger dick than 2016 itself... He's banning Christmas... to celebrate instead a holiday in honor of his grandma, Kim Jong-suk...  Cause, North Korea, that's why.

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