Dec 9, 2016

Homecoming Trailer first thoughts:

There was a teaser floating the Internet about Armpit Webbing... Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel we have the whole Trailer here...

So, my thoughts?
That little fight against the faux-Avengers is VERY Spidey-like.
Hate the fat kid with Peter... (Most likely Ganke, who is a friend of the SJW Approved Spidey. No, I don't hate Miles Morales. I just dislike WHY HE Exists... the whole KILLING Ultimate Universe Peter to have Miles thing. Just to appease the perennially offended) not because he's fat, but Peter's supposed to be a lonely loser in High School who begins to gain friends after the Spider-bite gives him confidence. Also, Zendaya better NOT BE MJ...

My biggest fears of having Tony being too involved with Spidey have come true... This movie is basically going to be Peter trying to prove himself he is worthy of being Tony's Sidekick. (Marvel's take on LEGO Batman? Cause you know Civil War and MARTHA!! were the same movie.) Don't get me wrong, I like having RDJ as Stark, but I wanted Spidey to stand on his own and not be too dependent of Stark...

Fat kid now KNOWS who Spidey is... Can we get him killed? (The Character, not the actor).
Vulture looks nice!
Unmasked Spidey fight? Tobey did it first... wait, not there... Here. Wait does this one count even if it's a half torn mask?
I think Tobey did this too:
What is it with Superheroes and the Crucified Jesus pose?
Seriously? Do you have to end the trailer with Spidey being Robin to RDJ's Batman Ironman?

but I'm nervouscited about it.

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