Dec 13, 2016

Odds and ends 12/13/16

So, I'm Blond now. I decided on a change of look... I look like a beardless Guy Fieri or a Fat Naruto... I also happened to acquire a Konohagakure Headband. So, believe it... Now if Emo-Store would stock up on Orange Tracksuits... No, I'm not becoming a Narutard... OK, maybe I've been Binge-watching Naruto (The Annoying First Part) but in Japanese (No offense to Maile Flanagan, but English Naruto is annoying... Believe it!) and I kinda want to cosplay as Naruto, ironically... I did an Ironic Edward Cullen once. Now I might need to get an extra Mo-Larr head to paint blond... for Nefty-kun 2.0 but back to Naruto... Once I finish the Series, I might write some thoughts about it...
If anyone knows where can I watch Shippuden for free, it'd be nice if you told me.

What started as Point Break meets Need for Speed and then turned into Ocean's Eleven with Cars has now 8 Movies...

Now Vin Diesel is the bad guy and The Rock has to work with the Transporter to stop the Iron Giant... or Riddick... Guess they'll kill off Paul Walker and threaten Diesel's sister to turn him into the Dark Side... BUUUUUT It's all a ruse by Diesel to bring down Theron... Thing is while I'm speculating that's the plot, the action looks so ridiculous that I GOTTA SEE THIS!!

This man is a hero. What he did is what makes wearing the Red Kringle Outfit a massive honor. Comforting a dying kid takes a lot of strength. Bringing happiness to a child is why we don the outfit. Mr. Eric Schmitt-Matzen, I salute you!

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