Dec 10, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: Harley Quinn has a nice badonkadonk...

And now I sound like Hal Jordan since this Harley is 12 and I was making a reference to her bootilicious Voice Actor. Do I need to explain Harley? OK, she's a Psychiatrist who ends up falling in love with the Joker and becoming his sidekick. Recent Comics have made her a slutty Juggalette. She's gained some popularity after Margot Robbie played Juggalette Harley next to Jared Leto's Juggaloker.
So, last time Harley surprised Batman and hit him over the head with a Mallet. While Batman recovers and returns to the Batcave for some Prep-Time, here's the Harley Review.

Has World of Nintendo released a
Monty Mole? No reason...
Head on a ball joint, While the hair does not block any movement for the head, the ball joint feels like it will snap if I turn the head too much.
Pseudo Balljoint shoulders, Balljoint elbows, rotating wrists
Pseudo balljoint thighs, hinged knees and boot rotation.
Final Fantasy Reference?
Me? NAH!!

Paint and Sculpt:

Kinda looks like a Catholic (preteen) Schoolgirl version of NU53 Harley would look like. (But she kinda looks a bit like a Teen Tara Charendoff as well...) The Diamond patterns in her vest are tampographed. Everything else is sculpted on her.

Her Mallet. She's the only one to come with a Practical weapon but her hands are so soft that she drops the Mallet ALL THE TIME.

Overall: Harley gets a 3.33 as her final score. If her Articulation was a bit better and she had gotten a few more accessories, she would've ranked higher. I'm thinking of making her another character in my Continued MOTUverse... Maybe she'd be... Nah... I'm still thinking. Her gimmick would be smashing stuff...

I'm calling her Wakka... It sounds like Whacker due to her gimmick. It's also a Reference to the FFX Character with the same name (it also works as a VERY LOOSE connection to Tara Charendoff, who voiced Rikku in both FFX games.) I got it! She'll be an older Telzy (Sunder's daughter, who wears a mask in a bad attempt to disguise her identity.)
Harley: But we're kids! You CAN'T HIT US!!
Batman: Bitch, I'm Batman!
Ivy: Oh Fertilizer!
Hal: Don't rough'em up too much. Sex with bruised girls feels a bit rapey.
Batman, Harley and Ivy: SHUT UP GREEN PEDO!

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