Dec 26, 2016

It came from the Toy chest: Believe it!!

Apparently, I somehow ended up with a SH FiguArts Sennin Naruto figure...

I know, I know... For someone who supposedly Hates the living crap out of Naruto, I somehow have a bit too much Naruto Merchandise... Naruto: Ultimate ninja 3 was my gateway into becoming a Narutard.

But, this Naruto, the Sage Mode Naruto is from a point of the story that I haven't reached yet. when I was watching Shippuden, I only reached around the time where Orochimaru's hideout is discovered. Reason I remember this is

(Need to rewatch everything to refresh my memory... Currently I'm on part one and the Third Hokage FINALLY DIED...)
Do I need to explain who Naruto is? Annoying Tracksuit wearing ninja...

This brat can be put in MANY POSES... BELIEVE IT!!
Bandana can be posed
has balljoint head AND Neck
His torso and waist are balljoints
His shoulders are ball jointed AND have a shoulder hinge that some Toy Biz Marvel Legends had.
Doublejoint Elbows
Ball joint wrists (think the new MMPR with interchangeable hands)
Ball joint thighs (like MOTUC but more aesthetically pleasing)
Double joint knees and ball joint feet

Paint and sculpt
Most of the figure is molded in the appropriate colors. What little paint is applied, it has no visible slop. It looks like Naruto so, it's a win for me!!

OK, he has 2 Extra face plates, 5 extra hands, 1 rasengan, 1 rasen shuriken, 2 kunai AND a stand.

Naruto is as close to a PERFECT ACTION FIGURE AS ONE CAN GET... 5.0 If he wasn't so expensive (as Japanese Imports tend to be) I'd buy a couple for Kagebunshin... I just wish American Toy companies paid as much attention to their toys as Japan does...

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